Kristen Martin - Author & YouTuber

"...Rachael is a lovely, down-to-earth person with such an admirable drive to inspire and educate the writing community. I’m fortunate to have had the chance to work with her—and on multiple occasions at that!" 5*


Angel McGregor - Author

"I have loved filling out the interview and it gave me reason to pause and consider some of the answers as they are not necessarily things you think about regularly. I particularly liked the one about success, as I remembered my original thoughts on what would make me successful and have moved those goal posts without consciously thinking about it!"


Bryan Aiello - Author

"E. Rachael Hardcastle is an amazing human being whom I am happy to have discovered exists at the same time as me on this planet. Her knowledge and work ethic are unparalleled. Her creativity is boundless." 5*


Nigel Cartner - Author

"...I thank Rachael wholeheartedly for inviting me to be part of her site. What she’s doing for the indie author is fantastic. In addition, I’ve read her novella, ‘Noah Finn & The Art of Suicide’, and it's exceptionally written and is highly recommended. She deserves all the success that comes her way."


Pamela A. Pedder - Author

"Being a novice I felt out of my depth, but Rachael's relaxed attitude soon put me at ease. Being dyslexic, the work didn't come easily, however with Rachael's guidance and positive attitude I am now a confident published author. She tells it as it is if she knows you can achieve."


Carol Mace - Author

"I can't tell you how chuffed I am and that's down to you and Bethany [illustrator] and your hard work. I really do appreciate it."


Alanna Betambeau - Author

"...I am absolutely delighted with not only the quality of the finished book, but also the quality of service that I received. I have been incredibly impressed with Rachael's editing service, marketing advice and continued help and guidance. I have loved the process of seeing my story go from idea to print..."


Peter Kay - Author

"It has been a delight to work with a publisher who believed in my book. Working together on honing the manuscript was a positive shared passion. The journey from contract signing to book launch was always constructive, helpful, challenging, yet purposeful. Rachael’s support with post launch promotional ideas and chasing useful contacts has been excellent and she continues to be very proactive in providing more of these. As an author, working with Rachael has been an extremely positive experience."

David Knight - Author

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your expertise and support in creating my new WIX author website... It looks fab and should be easy for people to navigate through it. I'm sure that once I get used to all the functionality/options it will make my 'author' life so much easier and project my books and blogging in a more professional light! Kind regards, David Knight (AFY- Spiritual Guidance and Education." 

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