Publishing Services Submission Guidelines


Curious Cat Books will be accepting submissions between January 1st 2021 and February 1st 2021 and will consider submissions in a variety of genres, but are currently unable to work with erotica, fan fiction or graphic novels. Please only submit if your manuscript is complete.


You do not need an agent to submit your manuscript for consideration—please ensure you read and meet all guidelines before getting in touch to avoid disappointment or delays in response times.


You should submit the first three full chapters of your book (including any prologues, forewords or introductions) in Times New Roman, size 12 black font with double spacing. You may attach this as either a Word document, an Open Office document or a PDF. Please do not copy and paste your book into the body of the e-mail.

Please also include a full synopsis of your story on a separate document, alongside a covering letter to introduce yourself and your work. You may also include links to your website/s and social media if you have them, and remember to clearly state the genre and final wordcount. You do not need to include any other front matter.

For poetry books, please submit a selection of at least five poems in addition to your cover letter. If you have illustrations and are writing for children, please submit the full story in the above requested format and a selection of the images. 

If you are unsure, please get in touch before you submit your work for further advice.

Please submit your manuscript via e-mail only, as Curious Cat Books cannot guarantee the safe return of printed materials in the mail. Any submitted manuscripts in e-pub or mobi will not be accepted, and you may not receive notification of this via e-mail if a high volume is received. 

Curious Cat Books cannot accept manuscripts currently represented by another publisher.


You should send your submission between the above dates—if you are successful, you will receive a confirmation within 4 weeks. You may receive an e-mail from Rachael during this time with any further questions. If you do not hear back within 4 weeks, Curious Cat Books is unable to assist at this time. Please be assured that this does not suggest the manuscript is not of a high quality; CCB can only accept a handful of new authors each year, but you are invited to re-submit at a later date.


Curious Cat Books is not a vanity press, nor is it a traditional publishing house. It is an independent publishing company based in the UK, run by bestselling author E. Rachael Hardcastle and designed to help new authors to produce their debut books. A small contribution will be required if your submission is successful, and this fee will be significantly lower than what you would expect from a vanity press. 

If you are offered a contract, your paperwork will include a breakdown of costs and requirements, which you should read and review in depth. 


Rachael's model has been designed to ensure her authors retain creative control. You will have input regarding the book's design, and will be in regular contact with Curious Cat Books via e-mail and/or telephone to discuss the progress. 

You are strongly encouraged to create a social media presence and a website if you do not already have these platforms, and to maintain them as often as possible. Please find @curiouscatbooks and @erachaelhardcastle on Facebook—you may wish to like/follow these for regular updates. You can also subscribe to the CCB Monthly Meow through this website, and Rachael's own updates on

If you have any questions or concerns, please address these before submitting your manuscript. 


Submissions should be e-mailed to between 01/01/2021 and 01/02/2021. Please type 'Manuscript Submission' in the subject field.