Rachael Hardcastle (the company's only employee) established Curious Cat Books to create a personal, reliable platform for new and struggling authors. But, here are a bunch of other reasons why Curious Cat Books could be the right choice for you!


You'll never deal with anyone but Rachael herself. She's been there and understands how difficult the industry can be. She'll be in touch regularly via e-mail and/or telephone. Plus, if you're local, you can even meet for coffee! She responds to all correspondence personally, meaning you'll get an e-mail within 48 hours. You'll never receive a template or standard reply, and she also runs the live chat facility on this site herself, so you'll never hear from anyone but Rachael. 

As well as being a trained copy-editor with a diploma in Successful Self-Publishing, she also holds a university-level business qualification. More importantly though, she's experienced—self-publishing has been her thing since 2010.

Rachael is (of course!) an author at heart. She knows exactly how hard you've worked and how important getting this right first time is. Don't worry, she'll take good care of your book baby.

Though your contract will require a small contribution, Curious Cat books is not a vanity press, nor is it a traditional publishing house.  It sits comfortably in the middle, offering professional publishing services at a fraction of the cost you'll probably have already been quoted elsewhere. Rachael reads every submission herself, choosing books and authors she's confident she can help. 

All services through Curious Cat Books are affordable with easy, convenient payment plans to suit your needs. Editing fees are in line with these guidelines, and when you choose to publish with Rachael, it's the editing part your contribution covers. You can order as many books as you need for upcoming events whenever you like, so there are no storage fees or last-minute worries.

Whilst she's English-speaking, her services are available to authors worldwide. If you're outside the UK, you can still submit your manuscript for consideration. She can't promise to publish everything that lands on her desk, but Curious Cat Books is interested in a variety of genres. If you can write it, Rachael can read it, though she does prefer not to read erotica or academic works. When a book needs something extra, she'll tell you honestly—any feedback will be constructive and useful, and if it's not something you'd like her to fix for you, she can show you how to do it yourself. 

Still not convinced? Let Rachael's authors tell you more...

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now closed. Last updated 17/02/2020 1800 hours. 

By submitting your manuscript, you agree:

- your submission is your own creative work and you own the rights

- your submission and personal details will remain private

- your e-mail address will be subscribed to Rachael's tribe/newsletter

- Curious Cat Books will not be held responsible for the loss, damage or non-return of hard copy material or otherwise

- your submission is in the English language and has been formatted on an A4 Word document in size 12, Times New Roman font with double spacing. 

- if submitting a picture book, a sample of the illustration/s will be included.

- you are 18+ years old.

- you currently follow Rachael on Facebook and/or have joined this website as a member. 

Curious Cat Books does not currently publish academic books or erotica and does not currently offer illustration services.


Curious Cat Books is currently only able to offer a partnership contract (because it is run 100% by the owner and author, Rachael Hardcastle for a very important reason!). This offer requires a contribution to be paid by the author for copy-editing.


Whilst Rachael cannot offer a traditional publishing contract style, nor does she offer that of a vanity press. Curious Cat Books is comfortably in the middle, keeping costs as low as possible whilst offering the benefits of signing with an experienced author. Rachael hopes to make independent publishing professional and accessible for all, offering debut authors a platform to kick-start their publishing careers.

Curious Cat Books is a small independent publishing house and can only accept a handful of authors each year; please don't be offended if Rachael rejects your submission, and feel welcome to try again at a later date.


How to submit your work:

You can submit your manuscript using the contact form on this website. Be sure to include the first three chapters (including the prologue) and the synopsis as attachments. In the body of the message, tell Rachael about yourself and let her know the genre and complete word count. 

If you're submitting a children's picture book, please submit an illustration sample with the story. A synopsis is not required. 

All manuscripts should be in Times New Roman, size 12pt black font and double-spaced. Please do not send a hard copy via post—this cannot be returned. Illustration samples can be attached as a PDF or an image file.


Curious Cat Books cannot guarantee a positive response to your submission, but will acknowledge receipt and contact you within 6 weeks if your submission is successful. 

Should you encounter any problems with the contact form, please submit direct to curiouscatbooks@outlook.com.


Thank you for considering Curious Cat Books!