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The Monthly Meow, September 2021

This newsletter is a little bit early. A lot has happened over the past two months; I think this update is twice as exciting, and I have so much more to share with you than originally scheduled! As always, a massive thank you (also on behalf of the CCB authors) for your continued support, and to anyone reading this now. When authors write these things, we do wonder if our voices will simply sit in the spam folder, or if our messages just disappear into the void. The very fact you're reading this now fills me with joy, so go ahead and put the kettle on, I'll wait!

Your Free Audiobook

First up (because everyone likes free stuff!) is an audiobook offer I have available. It's 100% free, and I have 100 to give away. Oh yeah, I definitely said 100, which is a hell of a lot of audiobooks! To celebrate the release of my bestselling novella in audio, alongside Author's Direct and Findaway Voices, I'm giving the first 100 people to claim the full, unabridged version of Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide away absolutely free of charge.

It's really easy to claim your freebie. Some of you may be new to audio, or a little unsure if listening to a story will be as intense as reading a paperback cover-to-cover. The good thing is that Noah Finn is only approx 3 hours long, so it's the perfect tester for you! To request a special one-off code, all you need to do is send me a quick e-mail and request one. A quick 'hey, please send me a code!' will suffice. You'll need to act now though, because once those 100 codes are gone, that's all there is!

Remember, Noah Finn is intended for readers and listeners of 16+ years, because it contains adult language, themes and scenes which some may find offensive. It's a visionary/metaphysical story set on 9/11, and covers topics such as mental health, suicide, murder and more.

CLICK HERE to send me an e-mail via the contact/about me page.

If you're late to the party and still want to try Noah Finn as your first audiobook, it's now available for purchase through all your favourite retailers. We're adding more every day, so if you don't see the one you want just yet, check back in a few days. Lots of these retailers offer free books through current subscriptions, so if you already have an account, go ahead and download Noah for free!

So far, here are some handy links to retailers currently offering the book:


Google Play




Patacake Cat's Success

After its release on August 20th 2021, Patacake Cat by CCB author Suzie Moone sold out immediately! Its amazing success pushed this gorgeously illustrated children's book to no.17 on Amazon's bestseller's list (children's books about cats) and no.26 in Children's Cookbooks.

We are absolutely thrilled with the response Patacake Cat has received in the past month, and are looking forward to featuring the book at Waterstones, Bradford on the 16th October when the company officially launches. More on this further down...

Amazon have now stocked up, so be sure to get your glossy paperback in time for birthday or Christmas gifts this year. BUY HERE. Waterstones also have the book listed, so please feel welcome to visit your local store to order over the counter, or buy online with click and collect. BUY HERE

About the Book - £6.99 paperback only

Patacake likes his lazy life in the bakery, but when the struggling baker, Gus calls on him for help, can he save the day?

A warm, charming fable about loyalty and friendship, with a sprinkling of magic, sugar and stars.


Generation Dead's Exciting Release

Author K. J. McGuinness will be releasing his exciting zombie novel, Generation Dead (Vol.1) on September 27th 2021 with Curious Cat Books. The adult horror-comedy has already reached no.3 on the Amazon bestseller list in its category, for pre-orders alone! We are so grateful for the awesome response Generation Dead has received before it has even been released! CCB is looking forward to featuring the book at Waterstones, Bradford on the 16th October when the company officially launches. More on this further down...

Order yours now with Waterstones. CLICK HERE (cover coming soon!). Or, you can order your copy on Amazon.co.uk. CLICK HERE. Based on pre-order figures alone, we expect stock to sell out fast! Since pre-orders going live earlier this month, Generation Dead has held an amazing rank on Amazon UK, with most days sitting in the top 100 paid (zombies, werewolves and vampires).

About the Book - £11.99 RRP paperback pre-orders and e-book on release

In the chaos of a NYE party vs the zombie apocalypse, four unlikely friends become separated and must grasp the harsh reality of the undead nightmare breaking out in their living room.

As they seek sanctuary in a supermarket, they must learn to trust one another and battle their personal demons as they battle the monsters outside.

This horror-comedy puts a fresh spin on what it means to be a teenager, and what it will take to stay alive. Can they figure out who or what is behind this outbreak before it's too late?

This book is intended for mature audiences, as it includes adult language, violence, themes and scenes that some readers may find offensive.


Our Waterstones Launch, Less Than 1 Month To Go...

I've been preparing for my company's launch with Waterstones for a few months now, but as an independent author, I guess I've been preparing for an event alongside this gorgeous historic setting since 2010, when my dream of becoming a publisher writer came true.

Thanks to technology and the self-publishing industry, I was able to share my stories with readers worldwide. But I never thought I'd be running a publishing house of my own. After 11 years of sitting in the coffee shop upstairs and wondering when I might see my own titles on those shelves, getting a bit of work done in my home away from home, and buying more books than I can ever read, I'm so grateful and excited to be there next month. Not only to see my own books, but to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all my amazing authors, too.

Waterstones Bradford are hosting our invite-only party on the 16th October 2021 between 6-9pm, and this semi-formal event will allow CCB authors, local businesses, and the media to connect and share their love for indie talent across West Yorkshire, and the UK. There will be a few book signings ongoing during the day including the author of Patacake Cat, Suzie Moone and the co-author of my bestselling middle-grade book, David Hardcastle. In the evening, authors K. J. McGuinness and Peter Kay will be reading from their titles and answering guest questions.

With refreshments available, signed books, a private shopping experience and the opportunity to meet and quiz all my talented writers, it'll be an event of a lifetime. If you're interested in attending the event, and would like to be added to the guest list, please contact me via e-mail and tell me about yourself.

All our books are listed to order online or in store with Waterstones across the UK. No matter where you live, you'll be able to get a copy of any CCB title, from pre-school illustrated picture books to travel memoirs and more. SHOP NOW.


Harriet's Hibernation, Coming Soon!

On September 29th 2021, CCB will be releasing Alanna Betambeau's adorable pre-school book, Harriet's Hibernation. This title is Alanna's fourth published with Curious Cat Books, and I can't wait to see what else this talented author has in store for us in 2021-2022.

Be sure to pre-order yours now on Amazon: CLICK HERE. As the title is Christmas-themed, it's perfect the perfect gift for any young book lover, and ideal for bedtime stories and journeys. You can also purchase this book through Waterstones: CLICK HERE.

About the Book - £6.99 RRP

Harriet the hedgehog does not like the idea of hibernation.

"How much I will miss!" she thinks.

Will Harriet be able to stay awake, or will she give in to her tired eyes?


Continued Congratulations

Wow, I love checking the reviews of our published titled, because it always warms my heart when positive, encouraging comments come flooding in.

Their books have been released a little longer than those discussed above, but the reviews are stunning for both The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip by Carol Mace and The Ghost Butterfly by Adam Cornish (13 5* reviews on Amazon UK alone!).

If you've read and enjoyed one of our titles this year and haven't yet left a review, please consider taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and give each title a star rating on Amazon, Waterstones, or any other retailer platform. Reviews not only let the author's know they've done a good job, but they help other readers to discover these titles and give the writers the feedback they want and need for future releases.


Book Your Service/s

If you'd like to secure my time for next year (2022), please get in touch asap before my diary fills up. For freelance services such as formatting and copy-editing, I'm already struggling to fit new clients in for this year, so if you are interested in hiring me, please reach out at your earliest convenience.

I may be able to assist you with copy-editing, proofreading, formatting, cover creation and coaching for both writing and publishing. Brochures can be found on this website from the main menu.

If you have already worked with me this year and would like to review the service you received, please visit my Buy Me A Coffee page, or write your review on my Facebook page where others can read and share it. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

Submissions to publish with CCB will open as usual in January 2022, but as always, if you have questions or wish to query one of my services and/or availability, please get in touch at any time.


That's all for this month, but I'll be back in October with release information, offers, and an exciting update from our launch with Waterstones! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this - stay safe, and I'll catch you again in October. Rachael. X

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