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The Monthly Meow (2/4)

This update is a little late (Ok, a LOT late!) but for good reason. So much has been happening at CCB over the past few months, I can't include it all here. I have some excellent and exciting updates for you from CCB's talented authors, including two brand new releases, but I've had amazing news and progress of my own (which is why this newsletter isn't on time). Managing all that and deciding what to put in this update has taken a bit longer than I predicted, but let's dive into it.

The Fabulous Mr Frank and the Cupcake Catastrophe

The debut children's title by author and illustrator, Kate Ainsworth, hit the shelves on the 4th April 2022, and since then the title has been selling amazingly! In fact, the book has sold SO well, that for a while following the release date, Amazon's stock had completely run out, causing some of Kate's readers a bit of an extra wait for their orders.

However, we're now thrilled to see the stock has been replenished, and the title is available for purchase via Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble and so many other popular retail platforms.

This title is the first larger-sized children's book CCB has produced in the landscape size, and with its glossy cover and colourful interior, it truly is a wonderful, fun title for children to enjoy. If you're a lover of dogs (or baking), your family will really enjoy reading about Frank's first adventure with his pals, and there's a second on the way! Kate signed to CCB to produce the sequel to the Cupcake Catastrophe, due to go into production around September time (2022).

Purchase your copy today for just £7.99 with Waterstones! Or, you can buy at Amazon. You can also follow Kate and the real Mr. Frank via her website and social media - check out https://www.fabulousmrfrank.com/

A Very Alternative Coast to Coast

Despite only releasing Kate's book in April this year, CCB has also scheduled the release of Peter Kay's second title with the company, titled 'A Very Alternative Coast to Coast'. Peter's upcoming title is fiction and follows a group of friends approaching retirement as they walk across the North of England.

We're excited to be releasing the book, all being well, on June 1st 2022. At the moment, the title is in the final proofreading stage. As you can see from the image (author's proof copy), the book has been very well read already and is a matte-finished 5x8" paperback.

When the book is released, the RRP and purchase links will be shared on CCB socials and by the author. Please check back in June for this information. Peter is also planning to donate the royalties from this title to charity as well as his first book, Show Me the Way to Santiago. We will ensure details are available upon release.

Submissions Now Closed

Despite submissions closing in February 2022, CCB has been receiving submissions for the past few weeks which unfortunately due to the volume of emails coming in, I've been unable to consider for publication this year. Due to CCB's current size, we are only able to help a handful of authors each year, so it's super important that interested authors follow the guidelines and ensure their submission is received within the dates stated on the website.

I've already reached out to those authors who CCB may be able to help this year, so if you haven't heard back already or had contact from me, please accept our apologies that we're unable to publish your book at this time. This does not mean your book is not good—I wish CCB could take on everyone and help hundreds of people a year, but at the moment we are limited and forced to select just a few new titles and their authors to join the team.

If you'd like to work with CCB for freelance jobs, or if you want to query how to submit your book for consideration next year (January-February 2023), please feel welcome to get in touch. Whilst we are fully booked for publishing services at this time, I may be able to assist with one-off tasks depending on the author's schedule, so it is always worth reaching out via e-mail or Facebook messenger.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to CCB. I'd like to wish you all the very best with your books!

Paperless Contact

From January 2023, CCB will be going paperless; the PO Box address on our website and in some of our printed books will no longer apply, so you'll need to contact CCB via e-mail or Facebook messenger in the new year.

I know this decision may cause some inconvenience for a handful of authors and businesses who have, until now, preferred to post their correspondence to CCB. Please accept my apologies for any issues this may cause, however I do feel going paperless for all our mail is the best decision, and will be easier, cheaper for all, and of course better for our environment.

A reminder of the CCB email address is curiouscatbooks@outlook.com and you can still reach out to me on Facebook at @erachaelhardcastle (FB and IN) or @erhardcastle on Twitter.

Friendly Shout Outs

CCB would like to thank the author of this title for the invite to the book launch of Call It What You Will. Luke Hudson has written a collection of poetry, which is out now on Amazon.

You can follow Luke Hudson on Instagram.

Also, here is a purchase link on Amazon if you would like to support the author.

I also love seeing books I've worked on hit the shelves! A huge congratulations to C. H. Degosserie, who has published her first children's book.

'The Six Children' is the first novel of C.H. Degosserie, a young author from Belgium. Follow Emma and her friends embarking on an intergalactic adventure to uncover mysteries within the Pandema galaxy!

As you all know, encouraging young people to read more and write creatively is really important to Curious Cat Books, so we are thrilled to see this title appear on Amazon.

We wish these new authors all the best!

CCB History

I can't believe it's been five years since Made In Leeds filmed me at Low Ash Primary School for TV - I worked with the school to produce two short story books, and we've repeated this process almost every year since! Here is a link to the video of my interview from 2017.

Also, 12 years ago on April 21st 2010, I became an author for the very first time! I self-published my women's fiction title, The Soul Sanctuary (now out of print) with Lulu.com. I was a student in high school at the time, and remember seeing the cover as I drove home during a study break to collect the delivery with a friend. I sat in the driveway and cried because I was so proud and overwhelmed (and happy) to see my name on the cover of a book!

I never imagined I'd launch my own publishing company, host an event with my favourite Waterstones store, or help as many authors as I have in these past 12 years. Thanks to writing, I've met some incredible people, including one of my closest friends and a fellow writer, J. A. Myers. I got to co-write a book with my dad and go on tour at WHSmith stores around Yorkshire, UK and I've also inspired kids in schools across West Yorkshire, which is something I hope to do more of in the future.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the past 12 years possible. If you can, please help CCB authors to achieve this too by supporting their work, sharing their updates and attending their events.


That's all we have room for this month for the Monthly Meow update. I'm hoping it won't be so long until the next one, where I can share other exciting updates about CCB titles with you all. Thanks for reading!

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