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September Update 2019 [Pt.1]

After two weeks away from the office, I've returned to share some awesome updates with you in this month's newsletter. A much quieter month so far, but still plenty to report!

I'm back to work and pumped for the release of my new book in November, so in the coming newsletters I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Discounted Paperbacks

My very own curious cat Trevor would like to inform my readers that Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life (paperback) is on sale through Amazon UK! I have no control over their discounts or how many they offer, so click here asap to check that out before it's over!

Trevor already ordered his copies, but it looks like he much prefers the box they came in! Oh well!

Victoria Hall Table Top Sale

On September 1st 2019, Pamela A. Pedder set up at a local table top sale with her husband to sell copies of Moving Day. The event was a success and, as you can see, she was certainly dressed for the part! Well done, Pamela!

Table Top Sale, Victoria Hall, Saltaire

I was also pleased to meet Charlotte Blundell, an independent Usborne Organiser for the area, selling children's books. If you'd like to get in touch with Charlotte and support her, you can do so via Facebook at @MissBsWonderfulWorld.

Charlotte Blundell at Victoria Hall, Saltaire

Pamela A. Pedder Interview

Pamela and I were really excited to chat with Paul Reeves of Dr. Paul's Family Talk on Impact Radio USA on September 4th 2019.

This was Pamela's first ever radio interview for her book, Moving Day. Be sure to listen - it's around 20 mins long. You can find it on demand through Paul's podcast [here] and I'll be sure to upload it to my YouTube channel this month, too.

Menorca 2019

On September 15th, I returned from a much-needed week in sunny Menorca! And what's a beach holiday without something engrossing to read on the Kindle? Despite the occasional rain, we had an amazing time.

Menorca 2019 - I survived the climb (whilst drunk!)

I enjoyed three novels on my travels, all of which have been reviewed on Amazon.

  1. Keeper by Kim Chance (5*)

  2. A Lovely Way to Burn by Louise Welsh (3*)

  3. The Human Zoo by Kolin Wood (4*).

Whilst I enjoyed them all, my favourite was definitely Kim Chance's YA witch book, Keeper. I'll be checking out the sequels to all of the above when I get the chance, particularly 'Seeker' by Kim Chance.

"Sandy Pop"
Menorca 2019 - My new favourite icecream!

Before then, I have to finish reading one of my favourite books by an awesome author you may have heard of... her name is E. Rachael Hardcastle and she wrote Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide. OK, you caught me—on the plane home, I decided to re-read my own novella (which always terrifies me, yes I'm sad... no I don't care) to entertain myself.

The book is close to my heart and relevant given the month we're in. I was away on holiday for the 9/11 anniversary and didn't get to share much on social media to remember those who lost their lives. Noah Finn is set on September 11th 2001, and while reading I reflected on what happened that day. #wewillneverforget

Because I was abroad on the 11th, I've decided to lower the price of the Noah Finn e-book on Amazon to just 0.99 (or equivalent) in all territories throughout the rest of September—as I write this, the price is changing, so if you click the below link and it's not yet discounted, please check back tomorrow.

Any royalties received during this time for those sales will be donated to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. If you haven't yet read the book and would like to, please click here or search through your local Amazon website for the title. You can also get a sample e-mailed to you when you join my tribe via the e-mail subscription list if you're not sure it's for you.

Any/all reviews are welcome and always appreciated.

UK Download

US Download

Czajka Care Group Garden Party

On the 8th September 2019, Pamela A. Pedder attended Staveley Birkleas Nursing Home, Nabwood on invitation to take part in an event. Pamela sold copies of her debut children's book, Moving Day and introduced a beautifully embroidered table cloth featuring her characters.

That's it for part one of my September update. I'd just like to extend a thank you to the BETA readers who have already submitted their feedback for my upcoming release, 'The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book'. I really do value all your comments and suggestions, and will take everything on board when I apply my final edits this month.

Rachael x

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