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October 2019 Update [Pt.2]

Happy Halloween, my loyal readers, and thanks for stopping by again to read my final October 2019 update. It's been so busy (as usual!), and there has been some amazing, exciting things happening in the Curious Cat Books world.

Pamela A. Pedder's First Signing!

I am so proud of author Pamela A. Pedder for attending a very successful WHSmith book signing in Keighley, West Yorkshire—her first in-store event!

Pamela sold more than we initially estimated and we were pumped to offer a special pre-release edition of her Berty Bee sequel, The Queen's Visit, at £2.00 less than the RRP (psst, the book doesn't officially release until November 3rd 2019!) You can see it featured in the photos above on the right.

As Pamela's publisher, I'd like to extend my thanks to the Airedale Shopping Centre for allowing us the use of the mall space outside WHSmith, and of course to WHSmith for hosting the event and being so kind and supportive as always.

I borrowed Pamela for a few minutes (as per the above video) and took her inside the store to find and film her reaction to seeing Moving Day on the shelves. As you can see, she was very happy!

If you visited on 19/10/2019 and purchased a signed book or even stopped just to say hello, we'd like to thank you for doing so—it made Pamela's first ever WHSmith event extra special.

The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book, E-Book!

If you prefer digital books to hardbacks like the above, you can now pre-order my non-fiction self-publishing guide exclusively at Amazon! Other retailers may be added later, but for now, it's an Amazon-only e-book.

Below are some handy links for my US and UK readers. Don't worry, though, if you're elsewhere in the world, you can still find the book by searching the Amazon platform for your country. Also, it's less than half the price of the hardback at just £5.99!

Pre-Order UK

Pre-Order USA

I was thrilled when the first 10 books arrived on 22/10/2019 - you can check out the unboxing and hear my reaction to the quality in the video below. I also just realised that Amazon are offering the book on Prime!

My November BuJo Spread

I'm still no expert when it comes to bullet journals and beautiful layouts, but I think I'm getting there (slowly) with my doodles. You probably saw a few of these in part 1 of October's update, but here are the spreads, ready to use, for next month.

***images no longer available***

None of these images were invented by me, I should add. I copied them from Pinterest because I work better when I have something visual to use as a basis for my own designs. I simply tweaked them.

If you didn't know, I'm a Libra (Sept 25th), and as November's theme is the universe, I opted for my star sign at the head of my 'Future Log', which is where I'll keep track of things happening in the next quarter. I took a photo with and without colour so you can see how minimal it turned out.

The spaceman is my dashboard image, like the November welcome page. In the plain white box is simply November 2019, and when you turn the page, you see the pink-haired girl, offering any important dates I should remember for insurance, appointments and birthdays.

My least favourite doodle for November is the girl in the green skirt—she has her head in the clouds, which is surrounded by stars and an orange planet. I think the deep green ruined the skirt, and perhaps I should have opted for a paler tone. What do you guys think? Still, I glued her in and am using her as the feature of my new 'habit tracker' page where I'll log my anxiety and mood each day.

Finally, you can see a photo of my night sky/space ship to-do doodle, where I'll list things I need to complete at work and at home. I'm not sure about this style, so perhaps won't be re-creating it in future spreads, but I still enjoyed doing it.

If you have a bullet journal and want to share your photos with me or re-create the ones I've attempted above, be sure to follow me on Instagram and tag me in the post and the photo so I can comment! I'm over at instagram.com/erachaelhardcastle.

Book Birthday!

Happy book birthday to James Evangelista and his non-fiction, Roots for October 22nd 2019. I was pleased to work with James with coaching, plus on his cover and interior formatting twelve months ago. I am thrilled to see it is still going strong!

Go ahead and follow him/support his work on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/JamesssEvangelista/. He also has a website - visit that here.

Though I no longer officially offer cover design services due to workload, I do still offer formatting for paperback and e-book manuscripts. If you'd like to work with me, please get in touch. Click here for pricing and details.

Signed Copies Now Available!

It's been a long time coming, but I am now offering signed paperback copies of the following books through the 'Books' page of this website - click HERE to check those out. Paypal and card payments are accepted, and postage is included in the price.

Due to the weight of the books, I am currently only fulfilling UK orders (but USA readers, I'm figuring out the best and cheapest way to get them to you, too! Watch this space).

When my new non-fiction book is released, this may also be added to the available options.

Keighley Bus Museum

On October 27th, we visited the Keighley Bus Museum, West Yorkshire to check out the police vehicles they have on display through the Bradford Police Museum, which featured in a previous newsletter this year (I had my photo taken in the court!).

The bus museum had an open day in Keighley, so we went to check it out. If you get chance and live near by, it's well worth a visit (and for anyone writing in the relevant genre, there's tons of history there). It might make for some interesting research...

Windhill Community Centre

On October 21st, Pamela A. Pedder visited Windhill Community Centre to deliver a short presentation and speech about her publishing journey to young adults. They were so impressed with her success that they kindly presented her with an award for all her hard work.

On behalf of Pamela, thank you to those who attended and to the centre for hosting this talk.

Low Ash Primary School - Career Day

On October 21st, I spent two hours with Low Ash Primary School, Shipley in their two Year 5 classes to discuss the world of publishing! On career day, the students were offered the opportunity to learn about a variety of roles, including creative jobs like mine. I spent 45 minutes with each class, answering questions and making up some fun and wacky characters for a class story.

Thank you to the school and the children for welcoming me back—I hope you found it helpful and inspiring. If you were in either of the Year 5 classrooms and took an activity sheet home, I'd love to see the ideas you came up with. Be sure to email me or tag me on social media!

Radio Royal

Happy 67th birthday to Radio Royal, Bradford! Thank you for supporting writers and creatives on the Emma Truelove Show every Sunday. Pamela A. Pedder and I were so excited to be part of your October 27th show, chatting about The Queen's Visit.

You can follow Radio Royal on FB through @radioroyalbradford and, of course, tune in live to their shows through the website HERE.


Coming to November...

Thanks for reading my October update! In November, we have the following events to look forward to:

  • - 2nd November - Pamela A. Pedder signs books with WHSmith Birstall

  • - 4th November - Pamela A. Pedder releases 'The Queen's Visit'

  • - 15th November - Pamela A Pedder signs books in Morecambe

  • - 16th November - I'll be signing books with my dad at WHSmith, Harrogate

  • - 30th November - I'll be releasing my new non-fiction book for authors. Plus, Pamela A. Pedder will be signing books at WHSmith, Bradford.

For event details, please visit the home page of this website.

Of course, NaNoWriMo is upon us this month, so I'd like to wish any participating writers the best of luck for completing their 50,000 words in 30 days. And, as this newsletter is going out a few days early, have a happy Hardcastle Halloween!

Thank you again for taking the time to read this update, and I hope to catch you in the next one!

Rachael x

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