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The Monthly Meow, May 2021 (ERH Edition)

As I write this, it's beautiful summer weather outside and my head and shoulders are sunburnt. When will I learn? But, offer me blazing sunshine vs snow and I'll take the heat any day. So grab a cool drink and let's get started with this month's updates.


A Company Merger? Let's Clarify...

I've had questions recently about whether I'm merging two companies (ERH and CCB), so wanted to clarify in the Monthly Meow exactly what's going on.

I came to the decision recently to merge the ERH and CCB websites only. Now—no matter which of my website domains you enter (be it erachaelhardcastle or curiouscatbooks)—they both direct you to the same location. CCB has always been part of the ERH brand and the two are one and the same. Curious Cat Books is my imprint and originally, everything ran as one huge platform. As I run my company solo, I felt it necessary to re-merge the online side of things with the exception of the CCB social media, which will remain in place and separate to ERH.

This means you can support me and my books (@erachaelhardcastle - Facebook and Instagram or @erhardcastle - Twitter) or the company and my authors' amazing titles (@curiouscatbooks - Facebook and Instagram only). Of course, I'd love for you to support both! As always, you can find everything you need to know through my website (using either domain), about my authors' books and links to their websites etc., and they are all located under the WORK WITH ME section of this website.

**If you are looking for the Monthly Meow, May 2021 (CCB Edition), please check back in a few weeks—the newsletter should be live around June 12th. Thanks!**


Girlboss.Guru's Sneak Peak

Officially launching on September 1st 2021, Girlboss.Guru is a journaling therapy and wellbeing blog that I will be managing with a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page you can follow for weekly inspiration, quotes and, of course, journaling tips.

Until the launch date, the blog's content (which will be updated weekly from the 15th September, with the first 10 posts going live on the 1st) will be hidden. However, you can now check out a sneak peek for a taste of the blog's 'content to come', plus get your first three journaling prompts and a free infographic just for visiting this link:


If you're excited for more, you can subscribe to the blog to receive e-mail updates when something new is posted, and Girlboss will send you a free printable as a thank you. The link to do this is on the website.

Donate a one-off £3 to the blog through Buy Me A Coffee, and you'll receive a link with a password to access Girlboss's current Printables Archive, which she regularly updates. Donate before the 1st September, and you'll be accessing a bunch of content nobody else has seen yet, plus some extra bonus materials! You can also leave Girlboss a note or a review at the same time.

The Girlboss platform is for entertainment value, and is aimed at journal-lovers who want to use their notebooks and cute stationary to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing. Girlboss writes from the heart, and shares personal tips and tricks, but also reviews some of her favourite products including journals, books and more. To learn more about Journaling Therapy and about Girlboss's mission, please visit this link:



The Universe Launches in Paperback

I'm so thrilled to confirm that The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book: A Brutally Honest Guide To Self-Publishing is now available (from June 1st 2021) to purchase in a gorgeous matte-finish paperback. This book is my only non-fiction title to date, and it's a desk guide/reference book targeted at new and/or struggling indie authors who need some straight-talking advice when it comes to self-publishing.

You can now order a copy for £9.99 through your favourite retailers, but please allow them a little extra time to get the book in stock if it's not currently showing available for your region. I am also planning on offering signed copies through my website to readers in the UK, so I'll be sure to give you the heads-up when that stock arrives.




Barnes & Noble

The hardback and e-book editions are also available as normal.

From the back cover:

If you need help with your book

—perhaps you're not sure what independent publishing is all about, or you're feeling overwhelmed—you've certainly come to the right place!

E. Rachael Hardcastle offers her insight in The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book, teaching you the basics of self-editing, formatting and marketing your debut book.

Whether you're already an established author or you're just starting out... Rachael can help, and she wants you to know you're not alone on your journey to success.


Signed Fiction Books

If you're looking for something to read this summer, I'm now offering signed fiction books through my website at just the click of a button. At the moment, I have three titles available.

The prices you see on-screen include postage/packing to a UK address.

You can now purchase a signed copy of Bluetooth & the World Wide Web (middle-grade, also signed by my co-author), Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection (YA+) and Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life (YA+) from the home page of my website and I'll post your order personally for you the very next day (I'll even throw in a bookmark!).

When you click the BUY NOW button, you'll be re-directed to Paypal where you can pay through their app using your Paypal account of a credit/debit card of your choice. Please note that stock is limited, but there will always be more on the way.


Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide (Audio) Update

I'm happy to announce the recording for Noah Finn book one is complete, and I'll be setting a release date for the audiobook over the next week or two. It's been an absolute pleasure working with voice actor George Scaife, and I'm loving how Noah Finn's voice has been brought to life.

There are three sneak peek audio clips now posted on my YouTube channel, which you can enjoy via the links below. Please give them a thumbs up and leave me your feedback in a comment—I'm really excited to share these with you.





Finding Pandora Fan Photo

Thank you to one of my readers for sending me this photo of Finding Pandora, proudly displayed on the shelf of her local WHSmith store! It's up there with some famous names, too—how exciting! If you find a copy of one of my books whilst out and about, or if you own a copy yourself, I'd love to see and share your photos. Please get in touch through the website.


A Free Book? Yes... Really!

You may have seen this offer posted to my Facebook page recently, and it is 100% legit.

In exchange for an honest review on ANY of your favourite retailer platforms (which you should post within 30 days of receiving the book), I'll send you a brand new, dual-signed copy of Bluetooth & the World Web in the mail.

My co-author (David Hardcastle) and I have been working on a sequel to our middle-grade children's book, so we're looking for some honest reviews from insect and technology-loving parents and kids to help us take this next book in a new and fun direction.

If you would be interested in receiving a free paperback book in exchange for your honest feedback, please get in touch today through the contact form on this website. It's 100% free, (and we'll even throw in a bookmark for you).


That's all for this month. Thank you so much for giving me a few minutes of your time and for caring about my work. If you would like to support me further, you can leave your feedback and buy me a virtual coffee at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/curiouscatbooks.

Be sure to check back mid-June for the CCB Edition of the Monthly Meow to hear about my wonderful authors and their hard work.

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