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Monthly Meow: May 2020 Pt.2

This month's update is shorter, but just as sweet! We've been busy at CCB, promoting our new paperbacks and learning more about our craft.

Here's what we've been up to:

Journal Therapy

As my readers know, I suffer with anxiety and I'm always looking for new ways to manage and improve my symptoms. I was really excited to find a Journal Therapy course available with the Centre of Excellence, that allowed me to explore the benefits of journaling in all areas of my life, training me to not only help myself but to help others.

In the course, I completed 10 modules, teaching me how to use journaling to benefit my career, business, clients and mental health. I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others as I'm a bullet journal fan (and use mine every day!).

I'm waiting to hear what my marks were and if I passed the course, so I'll be sure to keep you posted. Wish me luck!

CCB Meeting

I'd like to thank the CCB authors who participated in the 2nd Skype meeting this month to discuss marketing and promotion techniques during Covid-19. I am hoping to run regular team meetings for as long as necessary to ensure we all stay in touch and continue to help and support one another.

Self-publishing a book is hard enough at the best of times - I'd like to extend a thank you to my wonderful little community of hard-working creatives.

Tip Me over on 'Buy Me a Coffee'

Curious Cat Books is now available on 'Buy Me A Coffee', where you can donate and tip me for a job well done, or support my creative mission. But, what is my creative mission, exactly?

  • To inspire children of all ages to express their unique creativity and develop their reading and writing skills.

  • To help new and/or struggling first-time authors to understand and benefit from the self-publishing industry by applying my knowledge and experience to their debut books.

  • Similarly, to offer fair pricing and a professional service level for all publishing tasks.

  • To better educate readers around the benefits of self-publishing and to abolish the stigma associated with this method.

  • To encourage the use of creative writing as a tool to serve those struggling with anxiety.

  • To express my morals, values and passions through my own books, and to entertain and spread joy through them.

When you choose to 'buy me a coffee', your donation contributes towards the progression and development of my company. With your support, I'll be in a position to hire other freelancers and professionals to join my team! The more employees we can add, the more books we can publish every year (and that means the more authors we can help!). 

To buy me a coffee today, click the button below. Thank you for your support so far!

Peter's Fundraising for MND - A Congratulations!

As I'm sure you're aware, royalties from the sale of Peter Kay's travel memoir, Show Me the Way to Santiago, are being donated to the MND. I'm thrilled to announce that so far, Peter has raised a whopping £329.41 since the 18th April 2020!

This figure is a combination of sales both online and direct through the author in paperback and e-book formats, and it's an amazing number! Please join me in wishing Peter all the best with the continued sales of his book, and if you're yet to read his memoir, you can grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/2MiMx4N. Already, this book has three 5* reviews from UK readers!

Key Worker Discount

Are you a key worker looking to learn more about the self-publishing industry; perhaps you've written a memoir or a creative project unrelated to your full-time role? I'd love to help you!

CLAIM 20% off all 1 hour coaching and consultations in May-June 2020.

​Quote Code: KEY2020 when you book your appointment through the contact page.

Brochure Creation for Authors

After participating in an interesting webinar offering a similar service (for a whopping fee), I decided to experiment and see if I could create a PDF 'quick guide to' document for myself and my books. The document had to include clickable links to all my social media platforms, books, websites and support channels to allow readers to quickly and easily learn the basics about me and what I do. The aim: create an online interactive brochure.

I was so impressed with the result, I'm now offering this as a limited time only service to independent authors for just £29.99 (until July 1st).

  • I can create you an interactive PDF brochure which you can upload to social media platforms and websites—reach your readers in a professional way.

  • Include your author bio or your company's mission statement.

  • Link to your websites and all your social media platforms.

  • Link to ways people can support you financially online, such as via Patreon.

  • Talk about your books and link to the various retailers.

  • Link to videos or interviews you think readers will want to know about.

  • Include items from your press/media kit.

  • Get the look and feel you want to match your personality and genre.

Quick Guide To
Download PDF • 7.35MB

Download my 'Quick Guide to Rachael' PDF brochure above as an example. Visit www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk to check out my other services or send me an email.

Trevor is here for you...

For anyone who is feeling stressed or overwhelmed by Covid-19, Trevor is here for you. Enjoy this small dose of toe bean cuteness to cheer you up. If only we could all be as chilled as Trev right now!

Subscribe to my YouTube channel - get notifications when I upload other adorable Trevor videos. There's one coming June 1st! Don't miss Trevor's duck frustrations...


That's it for May 2020—stay safe everyone, and I'll catch you again in June. Thanks for reading!

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