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Monthly Meow: March 2020 Pt.1

Phew, it's a crazy month! So far, I've signed another author, we're working on releasing THREE titles and we have a SUPER exciting announcement. Read on for more!

Louise Robinson - Welcome to Curious Cat Books :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful Louise Robinson, who signed with Curious Cat Books recently to produce her children's book. We don't yet have a release date for it, but I'll keep you posted. Louise is now listed on the www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk website if you'd like to check that out.

First Guest Post

Thank you to author Natalie Roberts for writing the first Curious Cat Books guest post this month on depression and anxiety.

Natalie talks us through writing letters, promoting her new book as seen in this photo. If you'd like to read Natalie's post, you can follow this link.

A change to the course...

To celebrate World Book Day, I decided to lower the cost of the online course and change the way it's accessed slightly. You can now gain 3 months of unlimited access for just £4.99 in a one-off payment, and I'm also now offering to personally mark your question/answer sheet for the chance to receive an additional completion certificate, signed by yours truly.

Go ahead and check that out here: https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/online-courses

Exciting News! An Important Event...

In last month's newsletter, I half announced some company progress, which I'm thrilled to now be able to release in this month's update!

Curious Cat Books will be working with Waterstones Bradford this year to launch the company and celebrate the release of our books. Waterstones Bradford have agreed to support us by hosting signings and stocking a selection of our published works. As our authors are mostly local, this is super exciting news for them!

To celebrate, we'll be holding a formal invite-only event in their gorgeous Bradford store on May 9th 2020 between 6-8pm. The event will feature the majority of my authors, lots of our books and refreshments and photograph/interview opportunities will be available.

Whilst this event has been discussed publicly, you will need an invitation to enter. Guests may have a +1, so if you have been invited to attend on someone else's invite, this is of course absolutely fine!

If you haven't already received your invitation through the post or email and you feel you've been missed off the guest list, give me a shout. As I explain in this video, taking a first look at the invitation designs, I've done my utmost to remember everyone that might find attending this event useful. If I have missed off your name or company, please be assured this was not on purpose. Just get in touch and remind me.

Here I am anxiously (and excitedly) posting the first stack of invitations.

It's really easy to RSVP to this event either by phone, email or my PO Box. But, to make it even easier, I've created a Facebook event you can respond and comment in here: https://www.facebook.com/events/913535509098899/ so please feel free to check that out. Even if you cannot attend, please do reply to your invite so I can get a better idea of numbers to cater for - thanks!

They are already arriving....

A few attendee photos of their invitations posted on social media this week - thanks for letting me know they are arriving safely and that you're all just as excited as I am! Keep posting them guys!

Coronavirus & Curious Cats

At the moment, I'd like to assure our readers and fans that to the best of my knowledge, all my authors are safe and healthy and our events will be going ahead as planned. If events have to be postponed or cancelled, I will ensure those invited are made aware.

In the meantime, please stay positive and ensure you take good care of yourselves. The Waterstones launch as mentioned above will likely hold no more than 200 attendees, and these guests will not be present all at once. This being the case, I am advising that anyone who plans to come but is concerned, keep a hand gel with you and avoid shaking hands. None of us will be offended, I promise.

Harrogate Marketing Workshop

I'll be hosting another informative hands-on event at Harrogate Library next month if anyone wants to come along and learn some marketing techniques that require little to no financial investment!

You can RSVP to this event via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1460752617430280/

The event is £10 to enter which can be paid either on the day in cash or to myself via Paypal, simply get in touch with me for details (facebook.com/erachaelhardcastle)

1300 Followers on Facebook!

This month, my lovely little Facebook page passed 1,300 followers. Another great milestone! Thank you so much to all my fans and followers for supporting and showing their interest.

Company Merch

I treated myself to a brand new company banner and a Curious Cats Cuppa mug this month. I LOVE this mug so much (a white coffee mug with our logo on) that I'm considering offering these to purchase on the website.

Before I place any orders for stock, I'd be interested to see how many people would like to own a Curious Cats mug of their own...? If this looks like something you'd fancy for when you're writing and editing away, let me know.


That's it for this month so far, but no doubt I'll have more exciting updates for you at the end of March. Stay tuned, stay safe, and thanks for reading!

Rachael x

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