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Monthly Meow: June 2020, Pt 1

Wow, what a month so far! Between moving house, working and preparing my next release, I've barely had time to catch my breath. So, I'm splitting this month's newsletter in two because I'm sure there will be lots more to tell you!

Carol Mace's Book on TV!

How cool is this everyone? The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip was read LIVE on an American TV show on the 2nd June 2020. You can watch the replay here - skip ahead to the second part for Carol's feature.

This was an exciting few minutes for Carol Mace and her debut children's book, The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip!

Curious Cat Books sent two copies of this popular pre-school fiction title to Mountain Fun Life in the USA for their live reading and giveaway!

We'd like to thank Storytime with Santa and Mrs Claus/Santa Unplugged on YouTube for the fantastic live reading, and offer our congratulations to the winner of the signed paperback.

You can watch the full video by clicking here and skip to the second half of the show for the live reading of Carol's book!

Be sure to follow the channel on Facebook and YouTube to support other live readings (as there is another CCB title appearing soon!).

Show Me the Way to Waterstones!

After several weeks, I'm pleased to confirm you can now order Peter Kay's Show Me the Way to Santiago, a travel memoir with royalties going to the MND Association, with Waterstones! Order here!

Cover Reveal for Noah Finn & the Art of Conception

Want to get your hands on a free signed Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide paperback, plus some signed first edition swag?

For those who don't follow my Facebook page (which you can do by clicking here), I decided to freshen up the book cover for NFAOS with this snazzy new book cover (see below), rendering the 2018 edition which is light blue with a handkerchief on, out of print. I have a limited number of these in stock and there are still plenty in circulation with retailers worldwide, but once they're gone... they're gone for good.

On July 1st 2020, I'll be revealing the brand new book cover for the sequel to the 2017 Amazon UK #1 bestselling novella, Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide. The sequel, Noah Finn & the Art of Conception, will be released later this year in paperback and e-book formats through all your favourite retail platforms.

Check out the teaser below - I'd love to know what your thoughts are for both!

So how do you win the signed goodies?

On July 1st, I'll reveal the cover in a Facebook post - all you have to do is react, add a comment and share the post (or tag a friend) to be entered automatically for a chance to win!

The draw will close on July 2nd at 6pm GMT, and a winner will be selected at random from the participants.

Good luck!!

Journal Therapy Course Results

I was so thrilled to receive my marks for all ten modules in the Journal Therapy course I took with the Centre of Excellence last month.

The course has not only helped me to understand how journaling will benefit my well-being, but how it can help my clients and authors to figure out what they want and better reach their goals.

I got an amazing and unbelievable result and finished with a DISTINCTION!

Monthly Meow is Moving!

The Monthly Meow newsletter is moving from the erachaelhardcastle.com blog to the curiouscatbooks.co.uk journal.

Previous newsletters will be archived but available to read on my personal author site—as these updates include news from my hard-working authors, I thought it might be best-suited on the CCB platform.

What you need to do...

If you're already subscribed, you don't need to do anything. I'll move your subscription over so you can still receive the email notifications. By remaining subscribed, you're agreeing for your subscription to transfer from this site to the CCB site (you will not be subscribed twice, don't worry!).

If you no longer want to be subscribed, of course you have the option to remove your contact details by clicking unsubscribe in the normal way at any time (though I do hope you'll stay and celebrate with us!).

Finding Pandora, now with Amazon KDP!

To make shopping with CCB easier, I've been experimenting with using both Ingramspark and KDP to print my own published books.

By doing this, I am hoping to introduce faster production and delivery times for people ordering my titles specifically through Amazon, ensuring better and more convenient stock levels for those needing their books asap.

Already, it appears shipping has been reduced to just 6 days with free delivery for Prime members, whereas before the trial, only third-party sellers were offering this particular title due to Covid-19! Already, an improvement.

This is still in a trial period, but by the end of this month, I'm hoping to have a successful print run for Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection, which will then enable me to do the same for my other popular titles. As you can see, the cover design hasn't changed as it's the same edition, just printed at Amazon's end instead of Ingramspark's (though I am still using their fantastic services, too!). The book's thickness is slightly different due to the change of print specifications and requirements - same great story, same great price, but hopefully faster delivery.

It's been an interesting experiment, and one I'm looking forward to continuing!


That's it for part one of the June update - thanks to all my clients for their patience these past few weeks as I moved house! It has been a challenge, but we're in, settled and ready to get back to some normality. Bring on the workload!

Thanks for reading, catch you next time.

Rachael x

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