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Monthly Meow - January 2021

Not a bad start to the year, though I'm sure we are all beginning to feel fed up with lockdown and the cold weather. Still, I've done my utmost to remain active online (and further updates will follow in March for the Curious Cat Books Monthly Meow - curiouscatbooks.co.uk).

So, here's what I've been up to this month...



A huge thank you to writer and publisher Edwin Rydberg who invited me to write a guest post on his blog, Utility Fog Press. Edwin asked me to explain the top 5 mistakes that new independent authors make (which was hard to do, because I can think of at least 10!).

After narrowing down the things I struggled with originally, I came up with the following: READ THE GUEST POST HERE.

You can still purchase my self-publishing guide HERE or take my free online course (marked with a completion certificate) through my blog HERE. You can also watch the videos for this course on my YouTube channel via this playlist - there are 5 total.




Some of you (who followed me way back in 2010 when I first started) will know I used to write under E. R. Hardcastle rather than E. Rachael Hardcastle.

I was thinking about everything I hope to achieve once the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, I also considered how far I'd come since writing and publishing The Soul Sanctuary. Tempted to peak at my past, I searched to see if my old domain name was still available... and it was!

So, I have re-claimed my erhardcastle.com and erhardcastle.co.uk domain names, and pointed them here at the erachaelhardcastle website. Go ahead and try them.

The short story that followed the novel (which can be read independently) is still exclusively available on Amazon KDP for just £1.99p, and is my way of paying tribute to the story that launches my writing and publishing career.

Forgotten Faith isn't a book I usually promote or talk about, simply because it's not one of my most popular or my bestsellers. But, it is currently my only romance/women's fiction story, and I'm proud of it.

You can download it here if you're in the UK or download it here if you're in the US.


If you don't already follow me on YouTube, please consider giving my videos a thumbs up and hit subscribe to see my weekly uploads (Thursday mornings).

It's the best place to check out the supplies I'm using, ideas I've had and spreads I've tried, plus a bunch of my other interests including: writing, self-publishing, learning the violin, learning to crochet (new to this month!), journaling and reading.

You might have missed...

I took a week off at the end of January from posting on YouTube, as business has been busy with submissions for Curious Cat Books remaining open for 4 weeks. However, I plan to return to my normal YouTube schedule in February, so do stick around for more content.



I also wanted to reach out and thank everyone that has donated to my Buy Me A Coffee* profile. Vlogging and blogging is a hobby and a passion for me, but it's always nice to hear you're finding my content useful and enjoyable.

*I decided last year not to continue using Patreon. Apologies if you have searched for me recently—my Buy Me A Coffee platform has effectively replaced my Patreon so my loyal clients, readers and writers all over the world can support me as and when they want to with no monthly commitments, plus leave me some feedback to help me improve my service.

If you'd like to buy me a one-off virtual coffee and leave my platform a quick review, you can do so HERE. I appreciate every one, and hope I can continue to guide you through your self-publishing journey.


This month, I also released some of my fiction playlists for my novels and novellas. If you're looking for inspiration or are a fan of my work, why not check out the tracks I play when writing, editing and designing the universes they exist in, and the characters I've created?

Want to combine your own playlist ideas with your bullet journal? Check this out!





In case you missed it, this month on the ERH blog, I talked about my daily journaling routine, which you can check out HERE. I also reviewed an affordable (and top quality!) bullet journal kit from The Works in the UK. Here's a link to that.


I've been enjoying taking some time off from my screen and creating something other than a work of fiction this month. Sometimes if I'm feeling blocked or have a high workload, I use my downtime to free my mind and work on a different type of creative project.

Sometimes, I'll learn a song on my violin. But, I also really love to make jewellery and crochet (I am currently learning some new stitches to make soft toys - my first ever is pictured above... not bad for a first attempt!).

How do you relax on a weekend?


That's all for January 2021 - apologies it's a few days late! Stay safe everyone, and check back at the end of February for more news (as there is some EXCITING STUFF coming soon, and YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT! Eeek!

Don't forget to grab your free e-book HERE and subscribe to get these updates direct to your inbox: https://www.erachaelhardcastle.com/free-ebook

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