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Monthly Meow: February 2021

I blinked and February was over. This year is moving so fast; I wish last year moved at the same pace. We now have a light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm hoping we now have mostly good things to come in 2021. Speaking of good things...

An Exciting Announcement

Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide and its sequel, Noah Finn & the Art of Conception, are being recorded in audio this year as I work alongside a talented voice actor in my area. This is the first audio project I've worked on for my fiction books, and I'm super excited to share this with you.

More on this amazing news as the production develops, so stay up to date and follow me on social media for snippets and other updates as they come in!


The Sale of All Sales

To celebrate World Book Day, I'm running a promotion through my website for an extra 20% off my online store (including all sale items, signed books and merch).

I've further reduced some of my bestselling titles too, and Finding Pandora is now only £5 in paperback (the lowest it has ever been!). These necklace bundles are the last 2 I have, and are just £8 each down from £14.99.

But stock is limited, and I'm not getting certain editions back in... so grab them while you can.

Use code WORLDBOOKDAY at the checkout between now and March 7th 2021 for an extra 20% discount. Postage fees still apply. www.erachaelhardcastle.com/shop. Happy reading!

Discovering Comic Books

This month, I discovered comic books and graphic novels. I'm starting with the series I'm already familiar with, and this video from my YouTube channel shows a few of the titles I've been enjoying.

Of course, on that list is The Walking Dead, Trueblood and Battle Royale. Give me a shout if there are any others you'd recommend (not Marvel/DC related).

Rachael's 6 Read Rule

After receiving a few requests for this topic over the past few weeks, I decided to film a video to explain the easy self-editing stages of my '6 Read Rule'.

If you're writing a book of your own this year and you're not sure how to iron through for any errors before sending it off to a professional, check out my free tutorial below and be sure to grab your free PDF alongside it.

Get your PDF on my publishing website, https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/post/a-summary-of-rachael-s-6-read-rule. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for more useful tips.

New Desk Journal for Female Authors

I've designed a beautiful printable PDF journal for female publishing professionals. It includes lots of useful sheets for you to download once, then print and re-use as many times as you like.

For all 29 pages, it's only £4.99 for the instant PDF download, including a variety of colourful spreads and layouts. Buy it here: https://www.erachaelhardcastle.com/product-page/author-s-note-desk-journal (follow this link to see a list of the spreads included).

Samples as seen above are the title page, the book signing checklist and the borrowed books page (so you can keep track of which friends have your favourite titles!).

What Am I Working On?

Bluetooth 2

This year, my plan was to release the next Bluetooth & the World Wide Web story with my dad, David Hardcastle. BT fans will be pleased to hear the book is finished and is now going through the editing phase.

We don't yet have a release date for this title, but we'll be announcing it this year through my platform, so check back soon (and be sure to follow me on social media).

Pandora 2

I've also been thinking of returning to the Finding Pandora series.

Originally, there were a further two volumes, but I only decided to release books 1-4 as a collection in the paperback you'll already know of (catch up with the series here - it's on sale right now).

But, I get A LOT of requests for another volume of Arriette Monroe stories, so I've decided to continue work on The Resurrection of Pandora (books 5-8) this year.

Fans of the series will know it's a huge paperback because it includes 4 full-length novels and bonus material at the back. It's steady going between running my publishing company and my other responsibilities, but I wanted those who have been in touch to know it's in the pipeline! I'll keep you as updated as I can!

Secret Extras

If you're new to my platform and have just recently purchased a book or started following me, you may not yet know there are tons of hidden extras on this website for you to discover. From behind the scenes facts to downloads, PDFs, activity sheets and links, there's something free for you to enjoy as a thank you for your support.

This was announced in December, so check out this video from YT!

How to access

Follow the link in your e-book or type it into your web browser to unlock a bunch of extra goodies relating to your book. If you purchased your book through this website, look for the leaflet or card included in the parcel and type the link provided into your web browser. If you purchased your book through a retailer such as Waterstones or Amazon, send Rachael an e-mail and request your bonus links (just provide the book's title and your order number).

This Month on the Blog

In case you missed this month's blog posts, here are the highlights:


That's it for this month - thank you all for reading my updates and following my progress. I'll be back at the end of March with some more news. Stay safe, stay curious, and I'll catch you then.

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