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Monthly Meow: February 2020

February has wished a happy birthday to author David Hardcastle, seen a handful of Curious Cats Cuppa videos uploaded AND some exciting developments in the company. Stick around and read on!

Curious Cats Cuppa & YouTube Content

If you missed any of this month's video content, you can check it out here!

Learn how to calculate your royalties in a basic way! :) Great for beginners.

Learn how to use story beats to plan your fiction series, and check out some of mine. Also, if you're a member of the site, you can download the first page, plus my notes, as an example if you'd like to get a better look! Go to members area.

Let's talk about what success means to you. A bit of an encouraging video blog to motivate you!

Cover Stickers

Our book covers are already awesome, but for 2020, I wanted to add some extra information to our hard copies in the form of these glossy stickers. Not only do our books now show our website and Facebook information, but the genre and RRP is also listed, as is a circular sticker to show if the book you're purchasing is signed (and if the author is local to that store's area). Cool, right?

Check out a video on these awesome stickers and learn where I purchased them from in the UK. Curious Cats Cuppa #7 - How to optimise your book cover for store shelves is now live on YouTube.

Ingramspark Visit - February 13th

On Thursday 13th, my co-author and I drove to Milton Keynes (all the way from Bradford!) to spend the day at Ingram's print facility, learning exactly how our books are made and having a chat with the experts. We were made to feel so welcome and gained a lot of additional knowledge, which is super important when you're running a publishing company (and self-publishing your own work).

We weren't able to take any photographs, but I still wanted to mark the occasion in this newsletter and thank Ingram for inviting us along. As my Facebook post above states, it really made me proud to be independently published and to be helping others achieve the same through my business. POD is the future!

Welcoming Louise Robinson!

Curious Cat Books would like to say a huge welcome to its latest author, Louise Robinson, who will be working with the company this year to produce her children's book.

The website and our social media will soon be updated with her details, so watch this space!

An important meeting...

Those of you who know me personally and are friends with me on Facebook (through my personal profile) will know I've had a dream since I started writing. My biggest fan and best friend Sophie appreciates this more than anyone, I think (as we used to talk about it all the time as teenagers!).

After a successful meeting on February 12th, my dream will be coming true, not just for me as a writer but for my publishing house, Curious Cat Books - proving hard work, dedication and a little bit of self-belief will go a long way.

Success means different things to different people, and whilst on the surface it takes long hours, motivation and courage (blood, sweat and tears), it does pay off, I promise.

Despite being on a diet (sorry, Slimming World) I broke the rules on the 12th and celebrated being a girl boss with a takeaway and a glass of Baileys.

Whilst I can't offer you much more at this time, know that some exciting news and updates are coming your way. Watch this space!

Submissions Now Closed!

Due to the overwhelming response over the past few weeks, I have had to take the decision to close submissions for now. Submissions would have been open until April 1st 2020, but due to the unexpected volume of emails and queries,

I'll be temporarily closing them until further notice. If and when submissions re-open for this year, social media and the Curious Cat Books website will be updated.

Additional Retailers for Douglas Drip

I'm excited to share that as of the 22nd February 2020, Carol Mace's debut pre-school book, 'The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip' is available on a variety of other e-book platforms. Until this month, the story was exclusively available on Kindle, but we wanted to be sure all our young readers could enjoy this fun, illustrated title no matter which device they're using.

Check out the link to find your favourite retailer today (updates are regular).

Upcoming Interviews and Events

A new year means new books, new authors and new opportunities to meet them! Be sure to book the following dates in your diary for the chance to catch an interview or a signing with a Curious Cat Books author.

  • April 19th 2020 aprx 5pm - Peter Kay will be chatting with Royal Radio Bradford host Emma Truelove about his upcoming travel memoir, Show Me the Way to Santiago.

  • Friday 15th May 2020 11am-3pm - Carol Mace will be signing copies of her debut book pictured above at Bradford WHSmith, Broadway Shopping Centre, Bradford, W.Yorks.

A Poem in the Night

This month, I actually got out of bed to write a poem. Inspiration hit and I had to scramble for my notebook. Whilst it's not my best and I don't typically write poetry, I thought I'd share it because I haven't done that in years! I decided to call it, 'Notes on Anxiety and Success: A Poem' and it was written in about two minutes.

Your troubled past means that today's success was never down to luck, It's who you are, It tells you what you need to be; to feel inside, To have confidence in your stride, Head held high.

There's no such thing as failing, But, there's always a longing for better, Or more, Leaving room for hopes, doubts and fears, Because the world will always turn And you're still here.

Despite that anxious, critical inner voice, You can walk tall, Break through the noise.Depressed is a term we too freely throw, Like OCD, But you must know, Those terms don't define, though trigger they may, Be a survivor, Lead the way.

Online Course - A New Discount!

On the run up to World Book Day, I've switched things up and applied some improvements to my first ever online course, which covers the top mistakes new authors make and how to avoid them.

Until recently, the course was £6.99 per month—to celebrate World Book Day, I've reduced the price to just £4.99 for three months of unlimited access. During that time, you can watch the videos as frequently as you need to, and you'll have access to a question sheet, which I'm happy to mark via email when you're ready to test your knowledge. If you exceed the pass mark, you'll receive a signed certificate to acknowledge your progress, plus a coupon for 10% off your first coaching session with me.

In addition to this, you can access the members area too, viewing all my YouTube content 48 hours in advance, downloading additional resources and viewing the forum.

To take the course now or upgrade your current free membership to become a student, please visit www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/members for more information. Paypal and card payments are accepted, too!


& that's it for this month. Thanks for reading! Check back in March for more Curious Cat updates, author events and content.

Rachael x

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