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Monthly Meow - December 2020


GOODBYE 2020! Thank goodness... it's been a difficult year for everyone, so I'm excited to see what 2021 brings us. Here's what's been going on in December:


We are so thrilled to announce that the first draft of Bluetooth & the World Wide Web's sequel is complete. In 2021, my father and I will be reviewing the chapters, re-writing, editing and preparing the book for release later in the year.

David Hardcastle has done it again—his fantastic material made for a smooth and creative writing experience at my end, and I've really enjoyed creating the new characters in this interesting seaside setting for book 2 in the Bluetooth & Friends series.

Despite the restrictions of Covid-19 making co-writing difficult, forcing us to resort to e-mail and social media messaging to discuss the story, we're pleased to have hit an initial 28,300 words.

Watch this space for more Bluetooth updates as we progress, and in the meantime you can catch up using the link below:



I'm always so grateful for my readers, and recently it occurred to me as I delved into my 2021 business plan that there aren't any 'bonus extras' available through my website for the avid readers of my fiction.

From December 2020, that will change...

Readers of my fiction titles including my Noah Finn series, Finding Pandora collection, Aeon Infinitum standalone and the Bluetooth children's book I co-wrote with my father, David, will ALL come with a special access link to find additional goodies on the site!

The above 2010 original Finding Pandora poster is just one of the freebies you can download. There are also tons of fun facts, old covers, puzzles, activity sheets and more, and it all differs depending on the book you buy/have bought.


If you purchase a Kindle e-book from now on, you'll see a link at the beginning and end of the file which you can follow to access the extras. If you purchase the book on any other platform, be sure to check the front and back matter of the book for an extra page including this information - some e-readers automatically take you to the first chapter, so be sure to press the back button!

Don't worry, those of you who prefer a signed paperback will also receive a note in your parcel with a link to type in to your device. And, of course, those of you who have already purchased a book either in paperback or e-book format (and those who purchased paperbacks through a retailer... this offer applies to you too. I'm more than happy to e-mail the access link/s to anyone who requests it.

Just let me know where you purchased the book and when.


Request the link to your latest purchase!


2021 will be seeing some changes to my content, with the introduction of a new posting schedule.

I'm excited to announce that for all my 'E. Rachael Hardcastle' content (relating to my own books and the books I write with my father, David), I'll be publishing new blog posts and YouTube content every Thursday.

Subscribe to my YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ERachaelHardcastle

Subscribe to the ERH updates: https://www.erachaelhardcastle.com/free-ebook

If you're looking for more writing-related topics, be sure to check my blog over on the CCB platform every Wednesday for an author interview or a 'how-to' guide.

Subscribe to the CCB updates: https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/

My final updates before Christmas will be posted on the 24th December (Xmas Eve) and will resume the first Thursday in the new year (7th January).

You can further support my platform and it's content by buying me a virtual brew here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/curiouscatbooks and leaving me your honest feedback. Thank you to anyone who has already helped to keep my blog going.



Some of you may also notice from the end of December 2020 that my online store for signed copies will no longer feature the work of my authors with CCB. But don't worry, you can still order any of their titles by visiting their personal websites or send me an e-mail through curiouscatbooks.co.uk/contact and I'll happily put you in touch.

Bluetooth & the World Wide Web - signed by both authors (Rachael & David Hardcastle)

You can visit the online store and order your signed copy of any E. Rachael Hardcastle title from this list for delivery in the new year - international shipping will still be available. https://www.erachaelhardcastle.com/shop

  • Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection

  • Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life

  • Bluetooth & the World Wide Web

  • Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide

  • Noah Finn & the Art of Conception

Remember to look for bundles and discounted copies. Every order comes with a free bookmark, a signed/personalised message and, of course, the new extra goodies link.


This month, I decided to embark on another development challenge by gaining a Blogging Business Diploma. I am always looking for ways to better myself, and was chuffed with the below results for the first two modules.

The course is ongoing—as soon as I receive grades for the other modules, I'll be sure to include them in future Monthly Meow newsletters.

  1. Module 1 - 99%

  2. Module 2 - 95%

That's all for this month's updates. Thank you so much for your support in 2020, and I hope to continue entertaining you with my fiction in 2021.

I'm now taking bookings for January clients over on the CCB site, so be sure to get in touch asap if you would like to work with me.


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