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Monthly Meow (CCB Edition): July Pt.2

We're back with another amazing company update! July has been so busy—I'm glad I split this in two! To complete this month's news, check out what's been going on below, and remember your next Monthly Meow newsletter will hit your inbox in September 2020, as I'm now producing these quarterly. Mobile Makeover I decided to give my phone an upgrade this month with a custom-made CCB phone cover for my Sony Xperia! Thank you so much to Hairy Worm on Etsy for getting this to me so fast.

I LOVE it, and it's such high-quality—I designed this myself and sent the template to the company, and chose the CCB black cat logo over a white and grey marbled background. It's super feminine and professional-looking. #girlboss. Impact Radio USA Replay for David Hardcastle Bestselling author David Hardcastle's interview on Impact Radio USA was replayed on 29/07/2020 at 3pm UK time (10am Detroit), discussing the release of Bluetooth & the World Wide Web. It has been a year since David created and published the title with me through CCB! You can listen to the station and check out the podcast replays here. A Top 50 Title! Alanna Betambeau's Brother Butterfly hit the top 50 on Amazon.co.uk on July 21st! The category was Moth & Caterpillar eBooks. This gorgeous illustrated children's book has been selling really well even during Covid-19 lockdown.

We also have some exciting news from Alanna regarding a 2nd edition of this book to be released in 2020. When asked why she wanted to release another version, this is what Alanna said: "I published Brother Butterfly with Curious Cat Books earlier this year. It was my first children’s book, although I’ve got 5 more in the pipeline with CCB! I was very happy with the quality of the finished version, but I had a niggling feeling that it was slightly too long for its target audience. I put that aside and enjoyed the experience of publishing my first book with Rachael's advice and support. Sales of the book have been going really well and overall, the feedback has been fantastic. A few friends did tell me, however, the story was slightly long for their child. My little niggle then became a big desire to re-publish Brother Butterfly! I have since removed about 400 words and am so much happier with the updated manuscript. Rachael is about to put the new version together and I’m really excited to sell more of my books knowing it’s now perfectly pitched to its target age range! You should never stop striving to produce brilliant books, even if it is a bit of an inconvenience. It’s definitely worth getting right. Thank you, Rachael for allowing me to create a 2nd edition." Carol Mace Returns! I can't believe it's already been a year since Carol Mace signed with CCB to release her debut pre-school fiction book, The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip (Dec 2019). You'll all be thrilled to hear she has recently renewed her contract with Curious Cat Books. I get the honour of representing her for another amazing 12 months! Also relating to Douglas Drip is some fantastic news... the book sat in the top 100 on Amazon again this month! Well done, Carol!

Peter Kay at WHSmith, Huddersfield Wow, I am SO EXCITED to announce the first CCB book signing since Covid-19 has been arranged for Peter Kay to appear in Huddersfield WHSmith on August 15th 2020 between 11-3pm.

Peter will be signing copies of his travel memoir, Show Me the Way to Santiago. If you would like to visit Peter and check out his work, please note you may be required to wear a mask and sanitise your hands before and after handling any of the items in store. Please be patient with our authors and the WHSmith store staff, and note CCB authors may not be able to shake your hand or take a photograph with you this year. We apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. On another note, you can hear a replay of Peter Kay's interview with Impact Radio USA on Friday 31st July 2020 at 10am (Detroit time) or 3pm (UK time). Listen LIVE here! Adam Cornish Signs with CCB

A massive welcome to pre-school fiction writer, Adam Cornish. Adam signed with CCB earlier this month to produce his pre-school illustrated children's book, Ghost Butterfly, which is due for release around Christmas 2020.

BIO: "35, first time Children's author and full-time Plasterer. Previously published once after a twitter page unexpectedly took off. I have been told once or twice I have the mental age of a child, so I thought why not play to my strengths and write for them?"


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