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Monthly Meow (CCB Edition): July Pt.1

July is going great so far for the authors of CCB. In fact, two new authors have signed to the company this month (note that their contracts were offered before I had to temporarily close our doors). Let's meet one of them in part one of this month's newsletter! Family Man Tom Slack Signs to CCB!

Adult epic fantasy writer Tom Slack signed to CCB this month following contract discussions to produce his exciting novel later this year. Here's a bit about Tom: "Raised on a diet of JRR Tolkien, Robert Westall, Beowulf, giants and Greek mythology, and still to this day believing in dragons, Tom is a fantasy writer with a passion for Scouting, camping and campfire songs. 2020 seems to be his year, having gotten a new job, fiancée, and his twins, Reuben and Carter." Alanna Has Butterflies! Alanna Betambeau shares some amazing photographs with us this month on social media of the butterflies recently hatched with her family. In the photos are Alanna's daughter and a spread from her pre-school book. Alanna's book 'Brother Butterfly' is doing brilliantly and reached #2 in the pre-order charts for her genre! If you haven't yet got a copy, grab yours today here! As of 13/07/2020, it's sitting comfortably at #34 on Amazon Kindle! Well done, Alanna! Douglas Drip Is Doing Well!

Carol Mace is pleased this month after noticing her debut pre-school children's book, The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip, is nearing the top 100 on Amazon's bestseller list. We're also thrilled to see all reviews are currently 5*! Keep up the good work, Carol. If you haven't yet read Carol's book, you can buy a copy now on Amazon here. Re-launching the Industry: An Offer for Local Businesses As the founder of a small local publishing house, I understand how difficult it has been for businesses in the West Yorkshire area to thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic, and I'm thrilled we are now being given the go-ahead to safely re-open and re-launch for our customers. I work closely with writers to help produce and sell their debut books every day, and I've noticed significant changes due to the Coronavirus that has greatly impacted the way we—and the companies we work with—can do business. So, in an effort to boost not only the self-publishing industry, but revenue for the local companies we work alongside, I'd like to offer local businesses including coffee shops, book stores, cafes and more a selection of free book-related opportunities (as and when they feel able to safely host such an event) in 2020-2021.

Curious Cat Books publishes a variety of genres for a wide audience interested in anything from emotive adult fiction and beautifully illustrated children's books, to engrossing travel memoirs and more. And to celebrate how local businesses have been supporting one another (as coffee wonderfully supports a good book!), I'd love to set up some book signings, readings or discussions at stores near-by for later this year, where we can attract new customers and encourage people to safely return to their favourite places in time for the Christmas period. If you run a small local business and think one of our free events would be of benefit, or if you would like to discuss this opportunity further, please feel welcome to get in touch at any time using the contact form on this website, or by e-mailing me personally through www.erachaelhardcastle.com. We look forward to supporting and working with you soon! Low Ash Primary School - The 2020 Short Story Collection

Despite the restrictions of Covid-19, it seems the children of Low Ash Primary School in Wrose, Shipley, West Yorks were still feeling creative!

Through their hard work and dedication during lockdown, the Year 6 children were able to write and submit short stories with an adventure/survival theme this year to be published in a lovely glossy paperback by Curious Cat Books. Low Ash has been working with CCB for several years now, running creative writing workshops and signings to inspire the children for full and half day events. Unfortunately, due to schools being closed and the social distancing rules, we were unable to run our usual workshops. Instead, the teachers and Year 6 students collected in some themed short stories written by the children to be published in a paperback and e-book, now available for purchase on Amazon worldwide! Congrats to the school for their hard work. If you would like to support their next workshop, please consider purchasing a copy here, as any royalties made act as a voucher for the school's next workshop! 'Despite the world's worst pandemic in over 100 years—Covid-19—the children and adults of Low Ash Primary School have produced this plethora of wonderful survival stories. Published with E. Rachael Hardcastle of Curious Cat Books.' Peter's Interview You can now listen to Peter Kay's interview with Paul Reeves of Impact Radio USA on the CCB YouTube channel! We are also thrilled to announce that Peter's book sales 'have now reached 50 in all formats/outlets and the amount raised for the MND Association has just passed the £300 mark. This is without being able to hold any of the planned book launch and/or book reading events.' This update was taken from Peter's website: https://peterkaywordspace.co.uk/300-now-raised-for-mnd/ - be sure to check this out and support his fundraising for MND in any way you can! Buy Peter's book here!

That's it for part one of the author July update - thanks for stopping by! Check back at the end of the month for additional news, videos and more!

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