Monthly Meow (CCB Edition) August - September 2020

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Another amazing few months for Curious Cat Books! Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, I'm thrilled to confirm all our authors are still achieving incredible things. Here's what we've been up to this month.

New Editions

Alanna Betambeau released a brand new edition of Brother Butterfly on August 10th 2020, introducing a few changes to the interior and a gorgeous new cover design. If you would like to check out the new version, you can grab your copy from Amazon HERE.

Peter Kay's Success!

Blogger and traveller Alison Laycock interviewed memoir author Peter Kay on her Book Lovers blog (Aug 22nd 2020).

You can check out the interview and review of Show Me the Way to Santiago right here. CCB would like to thank Alison for her support and for taking the time to feature one of our authors on her platform.

If you haven't already read Peter's book, be sure to visit Amazon and grab your copy. Royalties are donated to the MND Association, who kindly featured this book in their newsletter for August 2020. You can check out a PDF copy of that newsletter HERE, and scroll to page 3 for Peter's article.

A huge thank you must also be extended to David Driver of Drystone Radio for hosting Peter on his September 8th show, the Writer's Bookshelf. David has previously featured Rachael and David Hardcastle. You can check out the podcast for Peter's interview by clicking here.

Some further good news from Peter Kay! One of his latest poems being featured in the Saltaire Poetry Anthology for Christmas 2020.

Please visit Peter's website, where he will be keeping readers regularly informed.

To date, Peter has raised £450.00 for the MND Association through book sales. He also recently introduced a calendar companion for his paperback and has sold 10 already, raising £25.00.

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar to support Peter and MND, please click this link and follow the instructions.

Contract Renewals

Despite Covid-19 standing in the way, I'm pleased to announce that adult horror writer Kier McGuinness has signed to CCB for another 12 months as we continue to work on his zombie novel, Generation Dead.

Unforeseen delays this year meant we were unable to meet the initial production plan, but we're excited to see this title hit the shelves in 2021. Watch this space.

Launching Merchandise

Whoop! The CCB Merch store is now live, with lots of writerly designs available across a variety of ranges and options to suit everyone!

Be sure to check out Rachael's store to grab your next coffee mug or hoodie!

You can also grab CCB branded items to support the company and its authors, including the 'Ask Me About My Novel' #amwriting Covid-19 face mask. Stay safe out there!

Rachael's hoodie as featured in the video is HERE. Or, browse the range now! CLICK HERE

Working On It

Exciting times this month at CCB! Work has already begun on the fantastic children's title by Adam Cornish, Ghost Butterfly, which we're hoping to have available for you by Christmas 2020. Also, Alanna Betambeau's second title with CCB, The Singing Snail, will be out this year following the success of Brother Butterfly, which hit #2 in pre-orders on Amazon!

Whilst we can't reveal much more at the moment, we'll keep you updated on social media. Be sure to follow @erachaelhardcastle on Facebook to stay in the loop!

New Website Designs

You may also have noticed a few web design changes over the past few weeks. We've been back and forth on the design front, hoping to find something that not only reflects Rachael's personal website,, but that's also easier to navigate.

If you haven't already done so, go ahead and explore the latest website design and let us know what you think.

Speaking of website designs... Rachael has been working to help spiritual author David Knight with a new look for his website too, launching soon! Watch this space and be sure to check it out next month.

She was thrilled to work with David last month to create his latest release, A Pocket Full of God, which you can now order on Amazon.

Let's Plan For 2021!

Although Covid-19 has cancelled most events (and postponed others) this year, Rachael is planning ahead. Check out this new gadget she found in September to help clear space on your table during your next book signing.


That's it for your September newsletter. Thanks so much for joining us, and be sure to check back in December 2020 for the final update of the month. Remember, these are published quarterly now, but you can stay up to date via Rachael's social media platforms.

Stay safe and stay curious!

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