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Monthly Meow (April 2021)

We're ending April with a bunch of awesome updates, and some sneak peek clips of the new Noah Finn audio! Check it out...

Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide - Teaser (Book 1), Clip 1!

Teaser clip no.1 (the book's blurb) is now live on my YouTube channel for you to enjoy.

A huge thank you to voice actor George Scaife for his talent on this project, and for bringing Noah Finn's story to life. This book is really close to my heart, as is its sequel, and I think George's amazing work has only improved it!

I don't currently have a release date for this audiobook, as there is still some work to be done in the background - stay tuned to my Monthly Meow updates for more on this in May 2021.


CCB Signs Blogger Girlboss.Guru!

Sure, this is more Curious Cat news-worthy than it is for my personal platform, but I'm including it here because this is a super exciting project I'm now working on! The Girlboss.Guru platform (links below) is mental-health and journaling-focused, which are both really important to me personally and in my business. It's no secret I suffer with anxiety, and my personal journal is my best friend for so many reasons, I cannot count them.

The reason Curious Cat Books signed this anonymous journaling therapy blogger—as currently the house is focused mostly on paperbacks and e-books—is through my love of its subject, and how much I want to promote and support journaling as a form of self-therapy (and an awesome hobby).

As GB will be writing anonymously, CCB will be assisting with the management of the blog. On her behalf, I'd like to thank the first 50 Instagram followers for their support after just 1 week of the #gbg platform existing! :D

So the #gbg platform will run on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under the following handles, and the blog's content officially launches on September 1st 2021 - until then, Girlboss will be sourcing and offering beautiful (low-cost) journals on the marketplace side of her website, and is gathering useful content from mental health professionals and talented journaling advocates for a weekly blog post. September 1st 2021 will see 10 original posts go live, written by Girlboss herself (all with free printables!), and new content will then begin from the 15th.

You can subscribe to the Girlboss platform for FREE, and will receive a gratitude memo printable direct to your inbox when you do so. You'll also then get a notification when the blog is up and running. Until then, enjoy inspirational quotes and advice through her social media platforms each week. Be sure to like, follow and comment to help spread the word.

Support Mission: Wellbeing on Buy Me A Coffee and buy Girlboss a £5 coffee to help build her platform and keep the blog running.






#girlbossguru #gbg


The Universe Paperback Countdown!

It's only 1 month to go until The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book is released in paperback! My brutally honest guide to self-publishing your manuscript is already available in e-book and hardback, but if you're a paperback person, on June 1st 2021 the matte softback can be yours, with pre-orders running until then through all your favourite retailers.

Pre-order your copy now on Amazon.


That's it for April 2021 - thank you so much for reading the blog, and I hope to catch you next month! Stay safe everyone.

Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as teaser clips 2 and 3 will be going live in May, both snippets from chapters within the book.

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