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Monthly Meow: April 2020 Pt.2

Another stunning month here at CCB, though we are beginning to feel the pressure of Covid-19 and the changes we're having to make regarding our releases and events. We so appreciate the support of our readers and clients. We are smiling and powering through, and are looking forward to the 2nd part of this month's updates!

The CCB Online Store

We noticed that due to Covid-19, some of your favourite online retailers aren't ordering as much stock or offering as many titles as they usually do. We didn't want this to affect your ability to purchase and enjoy our work, so we've created an online store for you!


What can you order?

  1. - signed paperbacks

  2. - signed bookmarks

  3. - merchandise

Some orders for paperback books also come with FREE bookmarks (also signed!).

The store is super easy to navigate and use, and accepts both Paypal and card payments. We're currently only accepting UK orders and we'll be relying on Royal Mail for delivery, so it should be around 1 week before you receive your item.

Happy shopping - we hope this helps!

Peter Kay's Show Me the Way to Santiago - 18th April 2020

Congratulations to Peter Kay on the release of your travel memoir, Show Me the Way to Santiago (£17.99 Paperback RRP / £6.99 Kindle RRP).

Already Peter is 'out there' promoting his non-fiction book to raise funds for the MND Association - a charity close to his heart. The book has already raised over £150 in less than 2 weeks and those numbers are still increasing with each order.

I'd like to extend a thank you to BCB Radio, Bradford for their support and for inviting Peter to chat over the phone.

Peter has also been reading excerpts and filming his unboxing of the first ever shipment, as he's now offering signed paperbacks if you get in touch with him through his website, https://peterkaywordspace.co.uk/ (he's on Facebook and Twitter, too!).

You can also now buy direct through the Curious Cat Books website via our brand new online store, introduced especially to meet our readers' needs during Covid-19. Visit www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/shop to order yours.

And that's not all - we've now also cast our net wider to help non-Kindle users find our e-books. Peter's book can now be downloaded via a variety of e-book retailers, including Apple, Kobo and Nook. Check out this link to find your favourite store: https://books2read.com/santiagobook

Be sure to read Peter's interview on the CCB blog to learn more about him, the book and his writing habits: https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/post/meet-peter-kay.

Alanna Betambeau's Brother Butterfly - 25th April 2020

Another exciting release hits the CCB shelves this month with Alanna Betambeau's gorgeous pre-school fiction book, Brother Butterfly (£6.99 Paperback RRP / £3.99 Kindle RRP).

Already Alanna's book has hit the Amazon bestseller's list in its category (pre-orders UK) at no.2, which is an incredible achievement.

Despite Covid-19, Alanna has been working hard from her home in Bournemouth to spread the word, and you can help by sharing, liking and purchasing copies of the book for your children (who will LOVE it, I promise!). We've also had interest from a TV show in the US regarding a live reading of Brother Butterfly!

Check out Alanna's interview on the CCB website here if you'd like to learn more about the story and Alanna's writing processes: https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/post/meet-alanna-betambeau-preschool-fiction-with-curious-cat-books

You can purchase an e-version of this book via https://books2read.com/brotherbutterfly if you don't currently own an Amazon Kindle - it's available on Kobo, Nook and more.

The Stay Curious Podcast Continues

There are now five episodes of the Stay Curious podcast live on YouTube for you to enjoy, including a 1.5 hour conversion with a writer friend of mine in the US, Bryan Aiello.

Don't forget to check out Bryan's channel, as he interviews lots of creatives every week.

Henry by John Brookes - final pre-orders

It's the final call for pre-orders of John Brookes's middle-grade story, Henry.

The book is due for release on May 1st and is already available to download in e-format to a variety of devices depending on your preferred retailer: https://books2read.com/henrybook

The authors royalties for this story will be donated to a charity of his choice - another book created for a worthy cause during Covid-19!

Wider Distribution for E-books!

We know that not everyone owns an Amazon Kindle or uses their free reading app. So we've decided to introduce our e-books to a variety of other brilliant platforms and devices including Kobo, Nook and Apple Ibooks! You can also now request our books through your libraries - speak to your librarian about sourcing one of the CCB e-books today.

You can find a list of available retailers for each book via the links below:

If you do want to read on Amazon Kindle but don't have the e-reader, you can grab their free app for almost any device using the links below:

Android: https://amzn.to/2KNqG4W

Desktop PC: https://amzn.to/3d512oa

Mac: https://amzn.to/2YoNqjF


Visit the CCB online store today and you can order a free signed bookmark from E. Rachael Hardcastle for just 1p postage! You'll receive the 'Next Big Adventure' design in the mail within 5 business days!

Get yours here: https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/shop

Donating Books

During the outbreak, we know lots of children are stuck at home, unable to go to school or visit their favourite shop.

So, we've been donating some of our extra stock to children in the local area!

Do you have extra copies you can donate?

Patreon Benefits + Special Offer

Support Curious Cat Books on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/erachaelhardcastle


And that's it for April everyone. Join us again next month for more exciting updates and news!

Stay safe!

Rachael x

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