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Monthly Meow: April 2020 Pt.1

Happy Easter everyone. As I write this during the bank holiday weekend, I'm thinking of all the wonderful things happening right now instead of the restrictions in place due to Covid-19. I want to spread some joy in this newsletter, so we're focusing on the amazing achievements of my hard-working authors.

Return of the Podcast

I've decided to re-boot my love of podcasting with a new show, the Curious Cat Books 'Stay Curious' Podcast, which I'll be posting to YouTube. I'm purposely not setting a specific schedule for these episodes because I'll be using it as a creative outlet for my thoughts, questions and occasionally interviews with other writers when I feel I need to mix things up a bit.

Episodes will range in duration time and in subject, but will (of course) be mostly writing and publishing related.

In Episode 0: Pilot, I discuss why I'm stripping back my responsibilities to ensure I focus more on what brings me joy. For this reason, I'll be saying 'yes' to one-off jobs less frequently so I can be available for my current authors; they deserve my full attention as their releases creep ever nearer. I also find I sometimes spread myself a little bit thin, so please forgive me if I can't say yes to everything or meet every request I receive. I hope (I know) you will all understand.

You can listen to the show so far by clicking HERE.

Alanna Betambeau Hits No.2!

Despite the book still being available for pre-order (due for release on April 25th 2020), Alanna's pre-school fiction book Brother Butterfly hit no.2 in its category on Amazon this month. What an outstanding achievement through Kindle pre-orders alone!

If you would like to pre-order Alanna's book, you can click the following link for the paperback and e-book: https://amzn.to/3b8RZlU

Kier McGuinness Braves An Interview!

Curious Cat Books horror writer Kier McGuinness completed a written interview for the CCB blog this month, giving us all an insight into his writing processes, his horror series Generation Dead, (due for release this year) and a couple of wacky 'get to know me' questions.

Read the interview HERE.

Mixed with some useful journal prompts and quotes from Kier's interview, it makes for an interesting read for anyone who wants to read and write in the genre.

Whilst Kier's book isn't yet available, you can still support his hard work and creativity by liking, sharing and commenting on the interview, or by following his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/kiermcguinness

Online Course - NOW FREE!

Due to Covid-19 and self-isolation, I figured we would all need something fun and educational to do over the next few weeks. That's why I decided to release my online workshop as a blog post and YouTube videos so anyone can access the material for free, at any time.

See above video 1 from the series - access the full workshop HERE (and don't forget to subscribe to my channel!).

The course consists of five videos, using footage from a workshop I ran at Harrogate Library back in January. It teaches the top 10 mistakes I believe new authors make and how to avoid them. The blog post not only brings each of the videos together with interesting questions and additional resources, but it also offers the chance to have your responses marked for a certificate of completion at the end.

Access the blog post and questions HERE.

Happy Easter - hunt for these hidden eggs!

Due to the cancellation of our public events, we were unable to arrange anything for Easter this year.

However, I did set up some fun Easter Egg hunt images for Facebook - can you find all five of the hidden eggs in each of the illustrations?

- Henry by John Brookes (which you can pre-order for just £4.99 via the link on the right!).

- The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip by Carol Mace

- Brother Butterfly by Alanna Betambeau

Show Me the Way to Santiago - Pre-Orders Now Live!

Peter Kay's travel memoir, Show Me the Way to Santiago, is due for release on April 18th 2020. I'm pleased to announce that you can now pre-order the paperback and e-book on Amazon via the link on the left-hand side.

Peter will be donating his royalties for the sale of this book to MND in memory of a friend, so when you're supporting Peter, you're also supporting a worthy cause!

RRP £17.99 paperback and £6.99 e-book. The paperback is a 5x8" and is over 440 pages long with white paper, full-colour photographs and hand-drawn maps included. The e-book edition is a paperback print replica.

Celebrating the upcoming release of Brother Butterfly!

Watch Alanna's reaction to her first ever bulk order! There's no feeling like it!

Watch Alanna read the book LIVE on Facebook for the first time ever! We think she did an amazing job! See... nothing to be anxious about, right?

You can pre-order your copy of this glossy 10x8" paperback or a print replica version for your Kindle on Amazon, using the link on the left.

RRP £6.99 paperback and £3.99 Kindle

As of 13/04/2020, Amazon are offering the paperback version at a pre-order discount of just £6.15 with free delivery when you spend over £10.00 on books in the UK!

The CCB A-Z Game

I created a game! The #ccbazgame (Curious Cat Books A-Z Game) is a super fun way to kill some time and have a laugh! The idea is to come up with 26 things in a specific subject/topic that begin with each letter of the alphabet. When you get stuck, you can tag a friend to help you.... and don't cheat!

I recorded two attempts for my YouTube channel and posted a few more on my Facebook page, and I had to much fun. Go ahead and have a go, and don't forget to tag me. It's harder than it looks...


That's it for part one of this month's update. Thanks so much for joining us, and we look forward to sharing more exciting news with you at the end of the month (when two more books will be out!).

Stay safe. Stay indoors.

Rachael. x

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