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May 2019 Update [Pt.2 of 2]

WHSmith Bradford - Book Signing

I'd been looking forward to signing books in my home town's WHSmith store since booking it earlier in the year, and on 18/05/2019 10-4pm, I got to meet some amazing readers and aspiring writers in the Broadway Shopping Centre, Bradford.

I also got to try out my brand new selfie frame (supposed to be for the release of Bluetooth & the World Wide Web on 28/06/2019) because I just couldn't resist! Thank you so much to anyone who posed with me for a photo, and feel free to share and tag me in any you took, or email them to me at curiouscatbooks@outlook.com.

After a successful signing, I left a few copies of each of my paperback books with the store (and they're all signed!). If you didn't get chance to visit me on the 18th, you can now grab a copy off the shelf.

A huge thank you to the wonderful staff who made me feel so welcome, and to WHSmith for embracing the independent author community.

Low Ash Primary School

It's important that I mention a primary school I visit every year (my old school!) - Low Ash Primary School, and their wonderful Year 6 students. Usually, I visit to deliver a half day creative writing workshop whereby the children learn some new skills, get inspired, then write and edit their own short story. I then compile an independently published book for each class to keep in their library, and for the children to order private copies of.

This year, we did things differently. This year's Year 6 students spent a full day with me, learning about various genres and how to write alternate endings for their stories.

PLUS, the exciting news this time, is the books have been made available to the public - anyone in the world with an Amazon account can order or download a paperback or an e-book version of the collections, and the royalties will act as a discount for the school's next workshop with Curious Cat Books. If you haven't already done so, please consider supporting the school by grabbing your copy today! Paperbacks are £5.99 (plus postage if applicable) and £3.99 for a Kindle e-book.

Please join me in congratulating these newly published young authors! Use the arrow on the slideshow above to check out both of their adventure-themed covers.

Trafford Centre - Books Hit The Shelves!

Every independent author will admit that their dream is to see copies of their paperback books on the shelves in a chain book store... well, OK you caught me, in any book store. But because independent books are harder to get in physical stores (due to being print on demand and sold online, mostly), it's a given that if we were offered a spot on a chain store's shelf somewhere, we'd probably hug the manager. Don't worry managers... I'll restrain myself!

10 points to whomever is the first to spot mine!
On display in WHSmith, Trafford Centre

I was so lucky to be offered an opportunity to sign books with WHSmith, a leading chain store in the UK selling not only books, but stationary (two of my favourite things!). Their amazing staff have already been so welcoming and supportive, but when I saw this photograph in my inbox this month, I was (of course) over the moon with happiness and excitement (and may have cried a little... oh, come on... like you wouldn't sob with joy too)!

WHSmith, Trafford Centre, Manchester, UK have put together a display of various independent fiction, celebrating the authors they've hosted over the past few months. I am thrilled to be included, and can't wait to continue working with WHS this year, and in the years to come.

A huge shout out to my book buddies who're sharing this lovely end unit with me, and on behalf of indies everywhere, thank you WHS for embracing us!

Shipley College Display

Thank you to the staff at LRC, Shipley College for this awesome display of my fiction books!

Shipley College LRC Display

Myrtle Park Primary School

This is where I give a deserved shout out to the wonderful Year 4 and 5 children of Myrtle Park Primary School, Bingley. On Thursday 23rd May 2019, they invited me in for a full day to deliver a fun, creative writing workshop with the aim of writing their own stories for two unique books of their own.

The plan is to collate their short stories and publish them through Curious Cat Books, but also to sell those books through the Amazon platform - any royalties from public purchases will contribute towards the school's next workshop with me.

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on their hard work, and would like to thank the staff and students for making me feel so welcome.

WHSmith Leeds Book Signing

Another local book signing ended with success in WHSmith Leeds!

On 25/05/2019, I set up for a few hours in the city centre branch to sell copies of my existing fiction books, and got to meet some lovely readers and aspiring writers.

WHSmith Leeds City Centre

I'd just like to thank the manager and the staff at WHSmith for making me feel so welcome (as they always do!) and for setting me up near the books with this cool WHSmith backing banner.

Whilst the store were not able to take stock for their shelves, you can still visit and order copies of my books over the counter if you're local to Leeds Centre.

Thank you also to everyone who came to visit me!

Centre of Excellence

Most of you know I'm a very busy bee at the best of times, but I'm also always looking for ways to improve my knowledge and skills, so I can better help my clients. For this reason, I decided to sign up and complete a Writing for Children Diploma with the Centre of Excellence, and I'm thrilled to say I passed Module One with 100%!

I'm looking forward to completing the rest of this diploma in my spare time, and will of course keep you updated with my grades and my progress. Wish me luck!

Amazon Alexa Reads Noah Finn!

Thank you to my friend and fan of my books Emily Miller for sending me this cool clip of Alexa reading the first paragraph of Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide. I had no idea she could do this!

Co-Author Signs His First Book!

My dad and co-author David Hardcastle signs his first ever paperback book, our children's story, Bluetooth & the World Wide Web!

Thanks for reading part 2 of my May update! Check back next month for more.

Rachael x

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