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May 2019 Update [Pt.1 of 2]

New York City Visit

This month's update is super exciting! I got to visit a selection of the places featured in my bestselling visionary novella, Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide (2018) in New York City.

St Paul's Chapel, NYC

I was blessed for the chance to pay my respects at the 9/11 Memorial and check out the outstanding views from the new One World Observatory/ Freedom Tower, but I also had my photo taken in front of St Paul's Chapel which features heavily at the end of the book. It felt surreal standing beside the beautiful memorial pools. I wanted to record my visit, but smiling felt wrong here where so many people lost their lives, so please forgive my awkward expression (and my unexpected sunburn) for this reason. It was an honour to spend some time reflecting, thinking about what 9/11 has meant for the world since.

9/11 Memorial

The new tower, however, was a different experience with a unique atmosphere. The views were stunning as we could see for miles in every direction, and we were amazed by the beauty of this new structure. It was a welcome reminder of hope and togetherness, very inspiring, and a visit I will certainly remember.

Here are a few other shots I managed to get:

  • Amazon Books - this was an absolutely awesome store, with lots of bestselling fiction books in editions I've never seen before (being from the UK!). I had lots of fun exploring (and purchasing from) this store.

  • Friends Building - whilst in Greenwich Village, I grabbed a quick selfie in front of the apartment building used in the US TV show, 'Friends'.

  • New York Public Library - a beautiful building with plenty of bustling life and architecture.

  • Alice in Wonderland - we took a stroll around Central Park and stumbled upon this brilliant statue of a scene from 'Alice in Wonderland'. I love this book, so just had to get a photo.

  • Empire State Building - because what's a trip to NYC without hopping the elevator to see that stunning view?

  • Barnes & Noble - I dashed inside to check if my books could be ordered over the counter, and they can! Whoop - if you're from NYC or just visiting, why not pop in and order something to read on the flight home?

  • Christopher St Station - another location from Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide!

Christopher St Station

Of course, I look awful in ALL OF THESE photos; forgive my dishevelled, sun burnt, tired and makeup-free photographs. Anyone who lives in or has visited the city will know it's exhausting and fast-paced! But we enjoyed every minute - thank you NYC!

For more photos from my visit to New York, please check out the [gallery]. You can also read a sample of Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide free of charge when you join my tribe, or download your e-book via Amazon today.

Endorsement #1

Thank you to Durham Ct.Cllr Malcolm Clarke for endorsing Bluetooth & the World Wide Web with his kind review. Malcolm said:

"The authors cover a lot of ground in this look at computers and technology issues set in an insect world. E. Rachael Hardcastle’s proven ability to take wide-ranging, serious issues and re-package them in a thought-provoking way is evident throughout as you learn about networks, communication, fake news, cyber-bullying, hacking and even racism in a story spun around the original masters of a web; the spider. The co-authors subtly satirise the many pointless divisions and prejudices we encounter in the digital and non-digital world every day and aside from the deeper themes, the plot is rich and the metaphors are vibrant and clever."

Cover Reveal!

We were so excited to reveal the book cover at the end of May 2019, so imagine our reaction when we learned we had to release it early! On May 7th 2019, I revealed the full spread cover for Bluetooth & the World Wide Web a whole 54 days in advance of the book's release after hearing it would soon be up for e-book pre-orders.

Bluetooth & the World Wide Web 28/06/2019

This amazing cover was illustrated by the wonderful Christine Martin of 'Kissy Colour Arts & Crafts' in the UK. Please join me in extending our gratitude for all her hard work!

The book is now available for e-book pre-orders. You can visit this handy link: www.books2read.com/bluetoothwww to find your favourite store.

Here is the first ever printed copy of Bluetooth & the World Wide Web, unboxed by my dad and co-author, David. This was the first time we'd seen the book in a physical form!

Photo Shoot

Thank you to our wonderful photographer Martine Warrington-Powell for these awesome family shots of my co-author and I. We really enjoyed this experience and hope our readers love them as much as we do.

BCB Radio Interview

We had our first joint BCB Radio (Bradford, West Yorkshire) interview on 13/05/2019 with the lovely Peg, and were so excited to talk about the ideas and processes behind our new children's book. Thank you again to BCB Radio for having us!

At the BCB Radio Studio

Our First Author!

Curious Cat Books is thrilled to announce we have taken on our first external author, the very talented Pamela Pedder. Pamela's new children's book currently titled 'Moving Day' and featuring a variety of friendly insect characters will be released later this year.

Pamela began as one of my private tuition clients at a local community centre, and with my guidance has developed and created her debut book.

I'd love for you all to join me in welcoming Pamela to the Curious Cat Books tribe as we wish her every success with her creative career. I'm sure you will be seeing more of her work soon!

Upcoming Author Pamela Pedder Signs With Curious Cat Books

Artwork Reveal

We're so grateful to our wonderful illustrator Christine Martin for these ten character designs. They are exactly as we imagined them in the book, and were really excited to finally see them in print.

To check out Christine's work, go to www.facebook.com/kissycolour.

Thank you for checking in on my May update - this is only Part 1 of 2, so be sure to re-visit the blog at the end of the month to read more.

Rachael x

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