Market Your Book Using Email Signatures

Setting up an e-mail signature is a fast, easy task to complete. But, you'd be surprised to hear that some authors are yet to connect this quick, effective online tool with marketing their independently published book.

In this post, we'll look at:

  • What an e-mail signature is

  • How to create an e-mail signature

  • What to include in your e-mail signature

  • Why it's beneficial to have one

What is an e-mail signature?

An e-mail signature is an automatically-entered footer on the bottom of an e-mail, including various information, links, contact details and sometimes even images. If you have an e-mail account, chances are this facility is available and accessible.

Usually, when you begin a new e-mail, your signature will already be there. If you have more than one signature (read on for more on this), you may have to select which one you need.

Signatures can be colourful, include symbols, links and more.

How to create an e-mail signature

Depending on your e-mail service provider (Googlemail, Outlook etc.), the path to the relevant options in your account may differ slightly. However, it can usually be found in the settings under a heading similar to 'compose an e-mail'. In Outlook, the path is as follows:

Settings > View All outlook Settings > Compose and Reply

What to include in your signature

Below is an example of a basic, professional-looking signature which features my name, company, role, PO.Box address, alternative e-mail addresses, website links and office opening hours.

Colour and icons (which can be found on your computer's character map), are also great ways to make your signature eye-catching.

To access your computer's character map from Windows, click Start > Search > Character Map.

Why it's beneficial to have an e-mail signature

If you're an author, you could also include a link and short advertisement for your latest or upcoming release/s, plus a banner or an image. Why not design something suitable for free using

Having a signature saves time and finishes all your e-mails in the same way—it's handy to ensure you don't forget to include important contact information. If clients cannot easily get in touch, you may lose their custom.

If your e-mail provider allows, you can set up a variety of signatures for different purposes to ensure the recipient of your message sees relevant/necessary details. For example, if you write under a pen name, you may wish to sign e-mails to readers and those in the publishing industry under your alias and only use your real name when e-mailing friends and family. You may also wish to direct people to a specific link such as a mailing list or inspire a particular group with a quote that resonates with you (or from one of your own books).

When you next log in to your e-mail account, go ahead and set up a signature of your own. It's a simple but effective marketing tool you can use right now, for free.

Rachael Hardcastle is an Amazon international #1 bestselling author from Bradford, UK. She is the founder of Curious Cat Books (est. 2017), but is also a trained copy-editor and a publishing coach with a diploma in Successful Self Publishing and a university-level Business qualification.

She has been writing for over 10 years—first published at the age of 18—is the author of five successful novels and co-author to her first children's book, Bluetooth & the World Wide Web (2019).

Rachael keeps a regular monthly journal on her website and, alongside the authors signed to her company, shares their events and adventures with her readers. 

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