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July Update 2019 [Pt.2]

Wow! Perhaps I should have released July's updates in three parts rather than two—there's tons to get through! I hope you enjoy reading all out this month's adventures, and don't forget you can send in your photos and reviews at any time to be featured in next month's newsletter by sending me an e-mail. Use curiouscatbooks@outlook.com if you have anything to attach. Now for the gossip...

BCB Radio Interview

Co-Author David Hardcastle at BCB!

Did you catch us LIVE on BCB Radio to discuss our appearance at the UK Indie Lit Festival? On July 23rd 2019, we visited the studio to discuss the books we'd be featuring at the event (27/07/2019).

Bluetooth Reviews Roll In

We've been excited to receive some wonderful reviews for Bluetooth & the World Wide Web from BETAs and readers this month. Slowly, they are starting to appear on Amazon (and some coming to us direct through Facebook!).

Thank you to everyone who is getting in touch to provide their feedback—it's a huge help for the sequel we're currently writing.

Don't forget, you can still leave an Amazon review even if you purchased the book elsewhere, just be sure to state that in the review itself!

Scuttle Bugg - Have You Taken Part Yet?

Just a quick reminder that there are tons of fun games and competitions over on the Scuttle Bugg platform, created alongside our latest release, Bluetooth & the World Wide Web, to provide kids with free downloadable puzzles and more! You can also leave us a message and let us know what you thought of the book!

You can also see the full illustrated character list—don't forget to hit that little love heart button when you hover over your favourite!

Click here to visit Scuttle Bugg!

Curious Cat Books Signs Carol Martin!

Author Carol Martin

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that Curious Cat Books has just signed it's second pre-school children's author, Carol Martin!

After meeting Carol (who is also local to the Bradford area) and reading her lovely rhyming picture book, I decided to offer Carol a place on my growing team of talented writers.

The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip is planned for released in December 2019 just in time for Christmas and looks at weather and the environment.

WHSmith White Rose

We spent a full day at WHSmith White Rose Shopping Centre, Leeds signing books with our wonderful Ladybird Airlines mascot on July 20th 2019. Thank you to everyone who came and bought a book, visited us specially or left with a leaflet. We had a great time!

Moving Day Fans!

Moving Day Fan, Lil

Meet the lovely Lil, our oldest fan of Pamela A. Pedder's 'Moving Day' to date! Lil just turned 97 years young and is very happy to let people know she's a child at heart!

Happy birthday, Lil, and thank you for the support!

If you like the look of Moving Day and want to get a copy for your 3-5 year old, click [here] to find out more...


Thank you also to Nicola Fletcher for sharing these lovely photos with Pamela A. Pedder!

We are both so thrilled to see Moving Day is being enjoyed by its target audience!

Calling All Reviewers - Authors!

Calling all authors! If you've recently hired me as your copy-editor, coach, or been in touch about any of the other Curious Cat Books services, I'd really appreciate some feedback! Whether you're reviewing a service or my customer service skills (positive or negative), I'd like to hear from you.

Your honest feedback will help me to further develop the services I offer, and to ensure I'm delivering the best possible results for all my clients. I'm looking for feedback on all aspects of my business, even if you only contacted me once to ask a question—how quick was the response time and did I solve the problem?

You can leave a short review or testimonial by sending me an e-mail, or via either of these handy links below. I promise, it will only take a minute!

Facebook Review

Website Review

Dear Amanda...

Are you the Amanda this book was dedicated to? If so, please get in touch!

This clearly well-loved copy of Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide magically made its way full circle back to me via a second hand online bookshop this month! I was stunned and pleased to see it had been enjoyed and passed on (because this is something I encourage my readers to do!). If this was your book, I'd love to hear from you.


Emily's Shelfie!

Thank you to my friend and fan Emily Miller for sending me this photo of her shelfie featuring various editions of my fiction books! That's quite a collection, Emily—thanks for sharing!

It looks like you have a first edition Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide, first edition Bluetooth & the World Wide Web, 2017 edition of Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection* and 2018 edition of Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life!

If my books feature on one of your shelves, send me your shelfies to show off in next month's newsletter. Just e-mail me at curiouscatbooks@outlook.com!

*I found out today (27/07/2019) that Finding Pandora is one of Emily's favourite books! Authors live to hear their readers say that, so thanks, Emily, you made my day!

Intu Trafford Centre's Bug Month and WHSmith Trafford Centre Book Signing!

My co-author and I were thrilled to be invited to the Trafford Centre, Manchester for their bug month, celebrating insects!

As our book, Bluetooth & the World Wide Web follows this theme perfectly, we were asked to perform a reading (exclusive to the centre!) on July 22nd 2019. Details of the event can be found [here].

We took our caterpillar mascot with us to meet and take photos with the children, and were thrilled with how many of you gathered for the event!

I was also super excited to see my books on the shelf for the very first time. While various stores are already stocking the book, WHSmith Trafford Centre were the first to make an indie author display, featuring all of my work so far! This was the first time I'd walked into a chain store and found my books already on the shelves. Thank you to WHSmith Trafford Centre for that amazing experience (and you can watch my reaction video below!).

Are your books on the shelves in a chain bookstore somewhere? If so, get in touch and share your experiences! It's such a wonderful moment for an author.

Before you watch this video, please accept my apologies for the poor quality during the first 40ish seconds. It seems my signal wasn't great when this video was filmed on my phone with Facebook Live on July 22nd 2019. It's worth watching, however, just for the awesome one liner from our caterpillar mascot! Thank you to Denise for volunteering to help us out!

Call For Reviews - Readers!

Calling all readers out there! If you've recently purchased one of the Curious Cat Books from either Pamela A. Pedder or myself and would like to leave some feedback, we'd be thrilled to receive an amazon review (or an e-mail) from you to let us know your thoughts.

Reviews are a massive help to independent authors as they help others to discover and enjoy our work. Whether it's a short 'loved it' or an in-depth summary and review of your experience (positive or negative), we'd love to hear from you.

If you're UK based, you can review our June and July releases easily by following these links to Amazon.

If you didn't purchase via Amazon, you can still leave a comment. Simply add a line to your review to state that although you purchased the book at a signing/ elsewhere, you still wanted to share your feedback. This helps potential readers to understand why you don't show as a 'verified purchase'. You can see an example of this in the image below.

Click here to review Moving Day in the UK.

Click here to review Bluetooth & the World Wide Web in the UK.

If you're based in the USA, you can follow the links below. If you're elsewhere in the world, don't worry! You can still leave us some feedback on the Amazon platform accessible in your country.

Click here to review Moving Day in the US.

Click here to review Bluetooth & the World Wide Web in the US.

UK Indie Literature Festival

Thank you to those who attended the UK Indie Literature Festival at Kala Sangam, Bradford on 27th July 2019! We were pleased to meet you and to offer advice to the aspiring authors we spoke to. If you purchased a book from us, we hope you enjoy reading it and would love to hear what you think.

Special thanks to Emily and Chris for their help as our two friendly insect mascots - the beautiful butterfly and Alfrid Jennings the Aphid from our book Bluetooth & the World Wide Web.

A thank you to Andrew Mcintyre for allowing me to share this photo of his Indie Lit fest book haul in my newsletter, featuring Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life and one of my leaflets. I hope you enjoy the book, Andrew, and thanks so much for your interest. Happy reading!

Photo by Andrew Mcintyre

Pamela A Pedder recommends Curious Cat Books!

Thank you to author Pamela A. Pedder for this amazing Curious Cat Books testimonial. I'm so happy you're enjoying being a published author, and look forward to working with you in the future!

"My name is Pamela. A. Pedder. I started a writing course , with Emma Hardcastle as the tutor. Being a novice I felt out of my depth, but Emma's relaxed attitude soon put me at ease. Being dyslexic, the work didn't come easily, however with Emma's guidance and positive attitude I am now a confident published author. She tells it as it is if she knows you can achieve."

Cuddly Fleadrick Pond

Thank you so much to the wonderful Alison Wesley for creating this amazing cuddly Fleadrick toy! We'll be taking him to all our upcoming events and his debut will be WHSmith, Keighley on August 3rd 2019. Here's a photo of my co-author seeing him for the first time!

Complete with his oxygen tank and walking stick, he's ready to help Bluetooth save the WWW!

That's it for July everyone, but thanks again for taking the time to read my newsletter. We have a lot going on at the moment and plenty more to come over the next few months, so please check back in August for another update.

If you have photos, reviews or anything else to share with us, you can do so via e-mail, social media or by leaving a comment on this post.

Rachael x

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