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July 2021 Edition: The Monthly Meow

Welcome back to another month of updates! Thank you for taking the time to check in with Curious Cat Books—there's lots going on, but here's a handful of our July updates (a few days late!) for your entertainment and information.


Teasers for Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide Go Live!

Anyone who loves to listen to a moving audiobook will be thrilled to hear that production for Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide (and its sequel, Noah Finn & the Art of Conception) is almost complete! You can now listen to two extracts from the first audiobook, due to be released in 2021, and Rachael would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

To listen, click the button below. You will be taken to this website's homepage - scroll down to find two handy play links, where interesting snippets of the upcoming audiobook can be heard.


Girlboss Guru's Launch Postponed

Due to a change of circumstances (unforeseen and unavoidable), the Girlboss.Guru launch has had to be postponed indefinitely. Curious Cat Books is still excited to work on the journaling therapy blog, and in the meantime, until we have further plans in place, hopes to incorporate some of the content into the CCB/ERH blog on this website.

We don't know when the GBG platform will be back up and running, but updates will be posted to this newsletter as soon as they become available.

If you were hoping to write for the GBG platform and would like further information or advice, please contact Rachael through this website to discuss moving forward.

CCB apologises for any inconvenience or disappointment, but hopes to see you all back here for journaling, stationery and wellbeing content in the future, written by Rachael herself.

Author Kier McGuinness with Generation Dead
Author K.J. McGuinness with early proof editions of Generation Dead.

Generation Dead... Coming Soon

Rachael is thrilled to confirm that you can now read more about the author of the upcoming adult horror novel, Generation Dead, on his brand new website. Visit www.kjmcguinness.com to read about K. J. McGuinness's background and experiences, plus check out a bunch of photos and his first blog post, which talks further about his debut title.

In the photo above, K. J. McGuinness can be seen with all three volumes of the GD series, taken before he signed with Curious Cat Books to publish Volume 1. Rachael is excited to be working with K. J. McGuinness this year to produce a paperback and e-book edition of the above mock-ups, with brand new covers and interior designs.

Watch this space for updates, and be sure to subscribe to K. J. McGuinness's fan club to be notified whenever he posts to his blog with news, updates and more.

Please note that K. J. McGuinness's website is still under construction - please allow time for certain aspects of the site to go live and update as Curious Cat Books works alongside K. J. McGuinness over the upcoming weeks. Thank you.


Patacake Cat's Release

With the Waterstones, Bradford launch just around the corner in October 2021, Curious Cat Books is excited to be releasing this gorgeous children's book, Patacake Cat, in time for the event on the 20th August 2021.

The book's author, Suzie Moone, has been posting with exciting images and updates to her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/suziemoonebooks, which is a great place to follow her work. You can also support her through the website, https://suziemoone.wordpress.com/

You can also now pre-order the paperback for £6.99 through your favourite retailer, including Amazon.co.uk (and in other territories worldwide) by clicking here. With full-colour illustrations and an adorable, hard-working kitty character, children will love the latest book for young readers from CCB:

'Patacake likes his lazy life in the bakery, but when the struggling baker, Gus calls on him for help, can he save the day?

A warm, charming fable about loyalty and friendship, with a sprinkling of magic, sugar and stars.'


Make Yourself - A Girlboss.Guru Book Review

Though the GBG platform has been temporarily postponed, Rachael was still proud to read and review a mental health-themed memoir by author Gillian Smith on behalf of the platform this year.

Rachael doesn't usually accept books to review, but when the GBG platform signed to Curious Cat Books, this title in particular sparked some interest. She was thrilled to be given the opportunity to chat with this author and read her work, and encourages those with a similar interest to purchase a paperback or e-book copy of their own.

To read Rachael's honest review of this title, please click here.

The author is active on Instagram, so for inspirational posts, please follow her via:


If you have a book you would like Rachael's opinion on, please get in touch with her through the contact form on this website and reach out for a possible review. Rachael will not charge for the review, but if accepted, it will be 100% honest and you would need to send a physical copy of the title to her PO Box.


Working With Rachael - Book Now

Though Rachael's publishing house, Curious Cat Books, is not currently accepting new submissions, you can still book your freelance services with her.

If you'd like to secure Rachael's time for next year (2022), please get in touch asap before her diary fills up. She is already struggling to fit new clients in for this year, so if you are interested in hiring her, please reach out at your earliest convenience.

Rachael is able to assist you with copy-editing, proofreading, formatting, cover creation (not including design) and coaching for both writing and publishing. To read more about what Rachael can offer, please visit https://www.curiouscatbooks.co.uk/curiouscatbooks or download the brochure below.

Services Brochure
Download • 1.08MB

This and other brochures (including those for retailers and submissions), can be found by hovering over the 'work with me' link in this website's menu. There, you can also find a selection of Rachael's reviews and testimonials from happy clients she has previously worked with, or visit her Buy Me A Coffee page.

As always, if you have questions or wish to query one of Rachael's services and/or availability, please get in touch at any time.


Tales of the Agoge, a Low Ash Primary School Collection

Every year, Rachael is thrilled to work with Low Ash Primary School in Bradford, West Yorkshire to produce a collection of stories written by their Year 6 classes. Each year brings a new theme, and 2021 introduces, Tales of the Agoge.

The book will soon be available for purchase on the Amazon platform only (£6.99 paperback), and royalties from the sale of this title will become a voucher for further creative writing services for the school in 2022. The title will also be made available as an e-book.

Curious Cat Books would like to offer a huge congratulations to the new Year 6 authors at Low Ash Primary School, and looks forward to hearing readers' feedback in the coming months. Well done, Year 6!


That's it for July's updates - please check back soon for further news articles, blog posts and release updates. Thank you for taking time to read this, and for your continued support.

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