Coronavirus & Curious Cat Books

Yes, it's another coronavirus-related blog post.

We know you've probably been bombarded with e-mails, social media posts and more over the past few weeks about how companies are coping and how they can help you during the virus outbreak. I'm sure you all know by now how to take care of yourselves and your families, which is why this post IS NOT about that. We're in the entertainment business, so we've decided to focus on that! :)

We have some good news for you.

Whilst the virus has unfortunately (and unavoidably) changed our schedule of events for the next few months, we're staying positive and offering you some exciting Facebook and e-mail-related events to enjoy in the meantime.

Free E-Book Offer

This month (March 2020), you can enjoy a free e-book (no strings attached) which you can request via e-mail through the Curious Cat Books or E. Rachael Hardcastle websites. We also have three really exciting cover reveals planned for the last three days of the month.

Which books are available?

You can request any one of Rachael's own books by completing the contact form on either of the below websites. Simply select 'claim my free e-book' from the drop down option and name the title in the comments box. Within 48 hours, Rachael will e-mail you the book of your choice.

- Finding Pandora (choose from World, Heaven, Infinity or Eternity)

- Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life

- Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide

- Bluetooth & the World Wide Web

- The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book

- Forgotten Faith


You will be provided with either a mobi or epub format (if you do not specify the format you need, you'll be sent a mobi file only). Please note that PDF files are not available, and Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection is not included in the offer. One free e-book per person can be claimed until March 31st 2020. Visit or to claim yours.

Cover Reveals

This month, we have three super exciting book cover reveals planned for Facebook - follow Rachael at Here's the schedule (click the image to enlarge):


To all our readers and followers, we hope you are staying safe and positive at this time.

Keep calm and read a book!

Rachael x