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August 2019 Update [Pt.1]

WHSmith Keighley!

Wow! We had so much fun at WHSmith Keighley on August 3rd 2019! We couldn't believe how many books we sold and how much support we received from everyone who came to visit us!

A special thanks must go out to the Mayoress of Bradford who was our special guest; we really appreciated your time and support. It was a real pleasure meeting you! To the Airedale Shopping Centre for allowing us the use of their mall, and of course a massive thank you to WHSmith Keighley and their staff for putting together this fantastic display of our work! We feel so blessed!

If you missed our signing, a limited number of signed books are now in stock with WHSmith, Keighley! Grab yours while you can!

Endorsement #2!

Thank you to radio host Paul Reeves for this glowing Bluetooth & the World Wide Web endorsement:

"Using such characters and terms as “Mrs. Longlegs”, “Web Attack Special Patrol (WASP)”, “Claire Spinn”, “Bluetooth”, and many others, E. Rachael Hardcastle, and her father, David Hardcastle, have captured written the perfect book for children –and adults, too!– as they tackle the concept of bullying in a non-threatening, but highly educational manner, in their newest release, “Bluetooth & The World Wide Web”!
Using humour to address a most serious topic, Emma and David entertain and elicit laughter, while also driving home the point of one of the toughest topics in our schools and neighbourhoods today.
Emma and Dave perfectly captured the various nuances of bullying, the emotions and consequences of being a victim, and even the avenues toward a solution.
Pick up “Bluetooth & The World Wide Web” today and laugh, cry, and learn more about the concept of bullying, and how it can be defeated!"

Fan Photos!

Thank you to everyone who shared their fan photos with us this month on social media or via e-mail. We love seeing how much you're enjoying your Curious Cat Books paperbacks! Keep them coming, guys!

Meet Peter Kay!

Peter Kay signs with Curious Cat Books!

Please join me in welcoming recently signed author Peter Kay to the Curious Cat Books team!

Peter Kay (68) is married with two children, and is the third external author to sign with Curious Cat Books. 

He enjoys writing and performing poetry. Currently he shares his time between, writing, walking, running, gardening and grand-parenting.

Peter's travel memoir will be released in 2019-2020.

I'm looking forward to working with you this year to produce your travel memoir!

Project Reveal - Est. Release 2019!

I'm pleased to reveal a non-fiction project I've been working on, which I'm planning to release this year (date to be revealed). This exciting manuscript (which you see in pieces in this video-whoops!) is a self-publishing guide for new and struggling authors—my brutally honest account of what it's like to be an indie author, plus lots of tips and advice.

Miss Ruby Heart on Instagram - @indie_book_banter

Thank you to Miss Ruby Heart on Instagram for this lovely little video about Bluetooth & the World Wide Web. We can't wait to hear what you think of our children's book!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading my August update. Check back at the end of the month for more event news and release updates!

Rachael x

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