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February Update 2019

Argh, it's been such a crazy few months! 2019 is definitely my year (touch wood *taps her head*) because I'm so excited about so many things!

WHSmith Book Signings

I was absolutely thrilled to attend my first chain bookstore signing with WHSmith, Trafford Centre, Manchester on February 2nd. We did really well and met so many awesome bookworms that we're looking forward to returning for our second event with them on March 30th!

I'm also bursting to tell you that they'll be stocking paperback copies of my featured fiction books from this date too, so you'll now be able to purchase off the shelf within their branch!

But before I return to the Trafford Centre, WHSmith Leeds are very kindly hosting a local book signing for me on May 25th 2019 too! I can't wait to meet everyone!

Writing Classes

Last week on the 7th February 2019, I taught my first adult creative writing class at the Windhill Community Centre, Shipley, West Yorkshire between 4-6pm. The first class was free of charge, and we looked at a few writing prompts, idea generation techniques and the three act structure, giving those attending a taste of what's to come!

On February 14th (Valentine's Day), I'll be teaching my second class, focusing more on the Hero's Journey and story structure. But, to celebrate Valentine's Day, I'll also be preparing a few fun writing exercises, too!

If you're interested in attending my class on a Thursday evening, it's £5.00 per session and runs between 4-6pm. You'll meet other inspired writers at a variety of experience levels, and will be welcomed with a huge smile - just bring your notebook!

Low Ash Workshop

It was wonderful to see my friends at Low Ash Primary School again last month, and I can't wait to put together your short story books next month! After a morning of fun, chaotic games and excitement, we started writing in the afternoon, planning three alternative endings in three different genres - a challenge even for an experienced writer! And they all did so well; I'm proud of how well you embraced the writing, and was so lucky to receive such a warm welcome from both Year 6 classes. Oh, and congrats to the winning team, though it was a close one!

Harrogate Library Events

Last month, I was also lucky enough to be invited by Promoting Yorkshire Authors to be on a discussion panel on January 19th 2019 in this gorgeous library to discuss 'new destinations'. We talked about the use of and importance of setting in story, and I was pleased to chat with some of the participating authors afterwards.

On January 9th, I also spent an afternoon chatting with a friendly group of authors and readers about my most recent release, Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide, and even had the chance to sign a couple at the end! I loved both experiences, and hope to visit again soon.

I will no doubt have tons more to tell you in March, so be sure to check back for another update soon. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to read my journal, and if you have any questions, feel welcome to contact me!

Much love, Rachael. x

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