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Personal Journal: January Updates

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for visiting my journal today. I have lots of exciting news and updates to share with you.

Author Interviews

I'd like to thank you all for your patience over the past few weeks. As I'm sure you'll have noticed, I've made some significant updates to this blog to ensure every author interview and blog post published is packed with interesting, helpful content for aspiring writers and independent authors.

I'm still sorting through 2016-2017's data, so if you were interviewed here during the last 18 months and would like access to the content, please feel welcome to get in touch. Unfortunately, I just can't re-publish everything (there were over 100 author interviews and guest blogs alone!), but I'm more than happy for you to make good use of it over on your own platform.

January will hopefully see an insightful written interview each working day, and those in the spotlight will also be previous (and/or upcoming) guests on my Youtube podcast, The White Room. To provide you with as much information as possible, each written segment will then link to an episode/s, with the recording date and a link to that person's website and/or social media clearly visible. For reader convenience, I'm also hoping to update each one if an author returns to the show at a later date.

That means if you'd like to be interviewed here, you'll need to book a corresponding podcast slot too.

The White Room

Season two of The White Room is already fully booked between January - March 2018, and this season's topic is 'What does success mean to you?'. Bookings are now closed (invite only), but they'll re-open again at the beginning of March. I'll be accepting all genres (except erotica); you don't have to be published to be considered.

Interviews are live for 30 minutes, Thursdays at 6pm GMT. There are only two rules: no swearing and no slander of people or companies. You will also need a headset and webcam to participate.

I'm excited to be welcoming (as seen on YouTube) the wonderful Kim Chance, Julie Broad, Kristen Martin and the very talented Garrett Robinson to the show, alongside tons of other hard-working independent authors and publishers with writing, marketing and productivity tips to share.

If you'd like to keep track of these interviews, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and hitting that thumbs up to support my guests. I try to respond to all comments within 48 hours. To fully benefit from their advice, I'm also encouraging my viewers to subscribe to my guests' channels and subscription lists.

PO Box

You may also have noticed that I'm now accepting snail mail via my brand new PO Box address! I love interacting with my readers, followers and other writers all over the world, so if you'd like to write to me, please feel welcome to do so using the contact below. Depending on the volume of mail I receive, I'm considering opening and/ or reading some of it live via either Facebook or YouTube, which is really exciting, and I'll write back to as many of you as time will allow. Please feel welcome to request a public opening/ reading when you get in touch - I'll do my very best!

E. Rachael Hardcastle

Curious Cat Books

PO Box 348

Shipley, UK

BD18 9ER

Curious Cat Books

The introduction of my PO box, although exciting and seemingly sudden, is actually part of my brand new publishing imprint, Curious Cat Books! At the end of 2017, I decided that not only will I read one book per month (which is harder than it sounds when you're a busy bee!), but I'd really love to see my books on more physical shelves. 2017 saw my books in several UK independent bookstores, but as always I'm looking to grow and expand over the next 12 months. This being the case, I'll hopefully be building some new relationships with both independent and chain stores across the UK.

Note that Curious Cat Books is accepting submissions via invite only, which means that for now the imprint can't accept any unsolicited manuscripts.

Through this imprint, I've decided to re-publish my works using a different company. If you've followed me since 2010, you'll know I now have experience with both Createspace and Lulu (both of which are flexible, affordable and print top quality books). However, I'll now be using IngramSpark, exploring their platform and the opportunities they offer because I've heard tons of positive and super exciting things about their processes.

I'm really looking forward to transferring Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection, Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life and, of course, Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide, to their platform in the coming weeks. This being the case, you may notice that ordering a paperback book will be difficult via the expected online retailers for a short while. To avoid disappointment, I'll still be supplying signed paperbacks (Finding Pandora and Noah Finn only at this time) through my website. Fingers crossed I can have everything up and running again in no time!

Note that you will still be able to download the e-book versions of my books as normal.

Each of my paperbacks will be assigned a new ISBN number (and perhaps a lovely new cover - watch this space) before being made available to the public again. I'm considering supplying hardbacks also, but will focus on the most popular formats first. If you're an independent store and have any questions about the stock you currently hold and/ or about the new editions, please do get in touch.

Events & FAQ

I'm now booking my 2018 events (including school visits, book signings, appearances, readings, meet & greet days and more...) so if you're interested at all, please get in touch. I'm already discussing repeating some of last year's events too perhaps, so watch this space.

There are lots of changes in the works, so I've added an FAQ page to the website which I'll update as and when new queries come in. Please check there before submitting a question via email to avoid having to wait for a reply (I aim to respond within 24 hours).

Author Services

I was excited to receive my certificate of completion at the start of January 2018 for the editing course I completed last year. The course covered copy-editing and proofreading when working with publishers, but I'll still be offering these services to authors.

If you're looking for professional copy-editing, cover design or formatting services, please check out the Services page of my website for more information. I'd love to work with you this year!

Fan Club Members

Finally, I'm pleased to be emailing free Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide quote desktop backgrounds (as above) to my new fan club/ email subscription members. In addition to the auto-email you'll receive containing a copy of my short story, Forgotten Faith, I'll personally email you the extra gift within a few days as a thank you for your support. You can find more information on the home page.

That's all for today. I'd like to thank you for your time this evening; I appreciate all the support I've received from my friends, family, readers, businesses, bookstores and followers worldwide. Today's update was a long one, so as always, if you need help with or clarification on the content of this post, please feel welcome to contact me.

Wishing you all a happy, productive week!

Kind Regards,

E. Rachael Hardcastle

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