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How To Write A Mission Statement

What is a mission statement?

Your mission statement is an opportunity to outline who you are, what your goals are, your morals, values, ethics, culture, and what you have to offer. Imagine you're introducing yourself at a public speaking event or someone at a book fair asks about your publishing company. What are you going to tell them? How are you going to squash all the important bits into a short, snappy introduction?

Why do I need a mission statement?

A mission statement tells the reader who you are, what you do and why you do it. It's a fantastic way to make a first impression on your website, blog or on any printed documentation you're sending out. To write my mission statement, I used Google to search for 'how to write a mission statement' and was overwhelmed with the results.

How should I structure my mission statement?

I used the below segments as inspiration to write my mission statement, then reformatted and edited to make it relevant to my business. Here's how I structured the topics:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I do?

  • Why do I do it?

  • What do I believe in?

  • What are the benefits to others?

  • What problems do I solve?

  • What do I want for the future?

When you're writing your mission statement, be honest but be professional. You need to show people who you are beneath the exterior 'writer' label. What makes you special and by following you, what will that person gain?


Hi, I'm Rachael, a high fantasy and post-apocalyptic fiction author from West Yorkshire, UK.

A short, snappy, opening sentence to introduce myself. Who am I? What do I do? Where am I from?

I'm a dreamer, a deep thinker, a bookworm and grammar nerd. I write poetry between imaginative high fantasy, post-apocalyptic and science fiction novels.

An expansion of the description to give a bit of personal information. When they read this introduction, what will they have in common with you? You need the reader to feel they can trust you and your service/s.

I believe that through writing we face our darkest fears, explore infinite new worlds and realise our true purpose. I write to entertain and share important morals and values with the world, but above all, I write to be a significant part of something incredible.

Why do I write and what do I believe in? I had to be really honest with myself and the reader here. I had to sit and effectively analyse my books and who I am to figure out why I do what I do. I now better understand my audience.

All my fantasy and post-apocalyptic books face our planet's struggles because I believe that together we can build a stronger future for the human race.

This is something I discovered when writing the above. I added this line as an extension.

I support independent publishing so all my stories are written, edited, formatted and published by me, offering a low-cost, epic adventure and a memorable escape from reality for my readers.

What are the benefits to others? What problems do I solve? Here I tell my readers that I support indie publishers and do everything myself. This is hopefully to inspire and encourage them to give it a go too, but also to let them know I'm an ideal person to contact if they have questions in the future. By 'solving problems', this means what do I offer them that others may not? I like to keep my prices low, and I want the reader to feel they have been on an adventure when they read my books.

Visit my 'Books' page for more information.

A call to action/ invite to look elsewhere on the website.


My name is (NAME) and I'm a (GENRE) writer from (COUNTRY). I believe that (BELIEF/S) because (REASON). My books are (DESC) which you can find by visiting (LINK). I support (WHAT?), because (REASON)/ so I (ACTION).

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Still struggling?

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