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The original Finding Pandora poster was designed/edited by Rachael in 2010. The poster was retired and replaced when Rachael re-wrote the series with a YA audience in mind. She then went on to create an 'icon poster', released on social media in 2017 to debut #ifoundpandora.

Book 1 reached #1 on Amazon in three countries, and book 3 (Infinity) was awarded 5* by Readers' Favorite. All 4 reviews from Readers' Favorite are featured at the front of the collection.

Finding Pandora used to be called The Recruit Adventure, and was four individual novels. Recruit: World, Recruit: Heaven, Recruit: Infinity and Recruit: Eternity were her first ever speculative fiction books, and were available in paperback and e-book formats. There have been lots of variations through the years. The series was inspired by Rachael's love of the poem Auguries of Innocence by William Blake. The novels are all named after the first four lines.

The book is filled with signs and symbols; Rachael is a lover of semiotics and symbology. The characters all have runic tattoos to identify their supernatural powers, and Arriette Monroe is one of the only characters in the book with more than two. Lots of readers mis-pronounce the main character's first name. When Rachael originally wrote the book, it was intended to be pronounced as 'Arrietty', but instead she found most referred to her as Arriette, so it stuck.


Rachael created the supernatural powers in Finding Pandora from scratch back in 2010 (on a lunch break at work). She wanted to add a unique twist to a popular genre, so designed the Everlast, Retainer and the Dreamer to create something a bit different. 

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