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Rachael's quote poster is actually from the author's note at the end, and doesn't feature in Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide itself.


Though Rachael has had 3 book covers to date for this title, the 1st edition cover (orange) is her favourite.

The idea for Noah's story was originally a basic train ride to heaven or hell. Rachael's family helped her to develop this further.

It took Rachael a long time to confirm the facts and figures in the first book; she wanted to be respectful and ensure she did as much research as possible, but different sources gave different figures about 9/11, on which the book is set. In the end, she decided to base it on the memorial museum's website: 


There was never going to be a sequel to Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide. But, after writing (end enjoying) a visionary fiction title, she began developing some ideas for a potential sequel. Once again, the content was risky due to the sensitive nature, and at first she wasn't sure how well it would be received. Then, in September 2020, Rachael decided to share Noah Finn & the Art of Conception with the world.


Rachael also loves to name characters something meaningful and always has. Most of the people in this series have their name for an important reason, including Noah and Christopher.


Her first ever live reading of Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide was at a Christmas fayre in Keighley Market, West Yorkshire. On that day, she read the prologue and the first chapter in the Love Coffee lounge, and the Lord Mayor of Bradford attended to hear her speak. Rachael was really nervous.

Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide is a #1 bestseller on Amazon, and made it to the top of the list in the UK and USA.

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