Is Curious Cat Books a traditional publisher or a vanity press?

- Neither. CCB is a small independent publishing company run by an experienced bestselling author. Authors are required to contribute towards their publishing fees, however these costs are significantly lower than with any vanity press; the majority of the pricing is to cover the cost of copy-editing and interior formatting. At this time, CCB is unable to offer any other style of contract.


Will Rachael respond to my questions free of charge?

- Rachael is always happy to offer advice via e-mail wherever possible. However, complex queries will require a consultation, which Rachael offers in slots of 60 minutes via Skype, telephone call or Zoom. If your questions are in relation to either of the following, you can access these free resources to assist you: marketing, business plans, business card template, bookmark template, 150 words challenge. Please reach out if you need further help.

Will I have to sign a contract if you accept my submission?

- If CCB accepts your submitted manuscript, you will receive an offer to work with Rachael via a contract, which you will have 30 days to accept/reject. The contract will detail what you can expect from CCB and what is expected of the author, plus your fees and other useful information. When you work with Rachael for any of her services, you are required to sign an agreement.

How do I submit my manuscript?

- Please ensure submissions are open before you send your e-mail. Submission guidelines can be found here. You should send a full synopsis and a covering letter at the same time. Please do not send your submission via mail as Rachael cannot post them back - all submissions must be via e-mail.

Can I submit an unfinished manuscript?

- CCB currently only accepts completed manuscripts. Please finish writing your book before sending it to CCB for consideration.

How expensive are your services?

- Copy-editing is charged at an hourly rate of £29.10, whilst proofreading is charged at £25.40 per hour. The hourly rate is the starting fee for manuscripts less than 1,000 words long. For a complete formatting package (interior - paperback and e-book editions), prices start at £249.00. Rachael charges £25.00 per hour for coaching and consultations. These prices are as a guide only; Rachael may need to see a sample of your work to offer you a tailored quote/service to meet your needs. 

Do you offer other services not listed on the website?

- Rachael does not actively advertise several additional services, so if you need help with something specific, please feel welcome to get in touch to ask if she is able to work with you.

How many new authors can CCB accept per year?

- CCB is a small independent publishing company so is are only able to accept a handful of authors each year. 

Do I need to live in the UK to work with CCB?

- No. CCB works with authors all over the world.

Can I be featured on your blog if I haven't already worked with CCB?

- Yes. CCB invites indie authors to complete a free written interview, which can be posted to the blog and linked to your website.

How can I order a copy of Rachael's self-publishing 'crash course' paperback?

- The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book: A Brutally Honest Guide to Self-Publishing is available in hardback, paperback and e-book through most of your favourite retailer platforms. Please e-mail Rachael if you are interested in a signed copy.

Please submit any other questions you may have through the form via the home page. Rachael will respond as soon as possible.