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Author services are fully booked until June 2021. If your project is urgent, please send an e-mail and request to be added to the waiting list - if an earlier appointment opens, you will be notified.


Copy-editing is the process of checking and amending your manuscript to improve its readability and fitness for purpose. It checks your text is free of grammatical and 'technical' errors, such as punctuation, spelling and more. This process differs from a developmental edit, which focuses on storyline and character arcs. 

From £29.10 p/h


Formatting designs your book's interior so it is pleasing to the eye and easy for your readers to navigate. It correctly places images and text, numbers your pages and checks  e-book links are working. You will need to format paperback, hardback and e-book editions individually.

Packages from £249.99

Basics from £90.00


Proofing examines your manuscript carefully to check for any last minute mistakes or typing errors.

Proofreading is the final stage before sending your book to BETA readers, then to your chosen publishing platform.

From £25.10 p/h


If you choose to self-publish your book, you can hire Rachael to coach you through each step and process, or ask her questions about the industry. Get the help and support you need to produce the best and most successful book you can.

From £25.00 p/h

Curious Cat Books

Curious Cat Books is a small independent publishing house; it has been carefully designed to meet the needs of new writers looking to produce their debut titles.


CCB hopes to prevent authors from feeling lost or overwhelmed by the industry by offering straightforward advice alongside professionalism and affordability. This is based on the experiences of its founder, bestselling author E. Rachael Hardcastle, who self-published for the first time in 2010.


Now, publishing a book in 2021 doesn't have to be complicated or expensive—with the correct tools and guidance, we can maintain more creative control and see higher royalties in exchange for our hard work.


Curious Cat Books encourages writers to invest passion and hope into their manuscripts. This small but energetic company promises a personal service—always there to cheer you on.


Current Authors

Peter Kay

Author of the travel memoir, Show Me the Way to Santuago. 

Kier McGuinness

Soon-to-be author of the adult horror series, Generation Dead.

Tom Slack

Soon-to-be author of a high-fantasy novel.

David Hardcastle

Amazon #1 bestselling author of Bluetooth & the World Wide Web.


Anonymous journaling therapy and welbeing blogger.

John Brookes

Author of the Christian middle-grade short story, Henry.

Adam Cornish

Author of the pre-school title, Ghost Butterfly.

Carol Mace

Author of the pre-school title, The Terrific Trip of Douglas Drip.

Alanna Betambeau

Amazon bestselling author of three Curious Cat Books pre-school titles.

Suzie Moone

Soon-to-be picture book author.


Kristen Martin - Bestselling Author & YouTuber

"...Rachael is a lovely, down-to-earth person with such an admirable drive to inspire and educate the writing community. I’m fortunate to have had the chance to work with her—and on multiple occasions at that!" 5*

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