Can everyone submit to your company? How do you select who to work with?

Rachael accepts a variety of genres and is happy to accept submissions from authors worldwide. Please avoid sending adult crime or erotica, as at this time these are the only genres Rachael is unable to work with. You need a great synopsis and a strong 3-chapter sample (when submissions are open) to be considered, and as CCB is a small, indie company, Rachael can only accept a handful of new authors each year.

Are you a vanity press?

CCB sits between a traditional publishing house and a vanity press—it's a small independent publishing house, working closely with authors to produce high-quality titles using self-publishing (POD) print services. A small contribution is required to cover the cost of copy-editing, and you may be pleasantly surprised how low this fee actually is. CCB authors retain all their rights and creative control, yet still benefit from the guidance of an experiences bestselling author who knows the industry.

I see your bookings are full. How can I work with you?

Rachael manages CCB alone, so is only able to accept a certain amount of freelance projects at once to ensure all her authors receive her full attention. When bookings are full, Rachael opens a waiting list—should authors cancel, re-schedule or if projects finish sooner than expected, those on the waiting list will be notified. It's always a good idea to plan at least 6 months ahead of your publishing schedule (12-18 months if you have a large book waiting to be copy-edited). Please get in touch and discuss your requirements.

I'm on a budget. Do you offer discount codes, package deals or loyalty cards?

Rachael is always offering money off through her non-fiction guide, The Universe Doesn't Give A Sh*t About Your Book. In this book, there is a 10% off coupon code you can claim against any of Rachael's services including coaching and copy-editing. If you are a key worker in the emergency services, you can also claim 10% off (or an additional 10% if used with the above coupon). Please note that ID will be required. Rachael does not currently have a loyalty card scheme, but is happy to offer deals to regular clients.

I want to order a signed book, but the shop takes me to another website. Is this legit?

Yes. Rachael manages the CCB online shop through her personal website, erachaelhardcastle.com/shop. Orders and payments are sent direct to Rachael, and are secure through the Paypal app, which you can use even if you do not have a Paypal account. During Covid-19, it's easier for each author to post your signed copy directly, so please be aware that some orders are fulfilled this way to minimise handling of your item. Some of the CCB authors have their own websites, which you are also welcome to order through instead.

I've had a bad experience working with a publisher/freelancer in the past. I have some concerns—can I trust you?

You're not the first to suffer and unfortunately, you won't be the last. Trust is earned, and Rachael is dedicated to offering a personal and professional service. She  invites you to get in touch for a chat at any time if you have concerns and offers sample edits and testimonials to put your mind at ease. Let her know about your experiences—she may be able to advise.

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Submissions are currently closed. 

Rachael is fully booked for all services up to November 2020. You can add your name to the waiting list for cancellations, or book for 2021!