Hello, We Are Curious Cat Books

Curious Cat Books is a small independent publishing house; it has been carefully designed to meet the needs of new writers looking to produce their debut titles.


CCB hopes to prevent new authors from feeling lost or overwhelmed by the industry by offering straightforward advice alongside professionalism and affordability. This is based on the experiences of its founder, bestselling author E. Rachael Hardcastle, who self-published for the first time in 2010. 


Now, publishing a book in 2022 doesn't have to be complicated or expensive—with the correct tools and guidance, we can all maintain more creative control and see higher royalties in exchange for our hard work.


Curious Cat Books encourages writers to invest passion and hope into their manuscripts. This small but energetic company promises a personal service—always there to cheer you on. Whether you're looking for a guide or someone to represent you, Curious Cat Books can help.

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Created by Author E. Rachael Hardcastle

"I'm an Amazon international #1 bestselling author from Bradford, UK, and the founder of Curious Cat Books independent publishing house. ​


As a speculative fiction author, I believe in entertaining my readers by offering a temporary escape from reality. Whilst I aspire to write fun, addictive adventures with characters my readers can relate to, I need to write meaningful and emotive stories alongside them to explore the depths of what it is be human—in doing so, I can encourage people to also look within.

I feel through writing we face our darkest fears, explore infinite new worlds and realise our true purpose. Creative writing helps me to understand what my purpose is.

I have diplomas in Successful Self-Publishing and Journal Therapy, alongside a university Business Studies qualification and many other writing-related achievements. I'm also a trained copy-editor and publishing coach, and now run Curious Cat Books, an indie publishing house designed to help overwhelmed debut authors."