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Paperback Out Now! June 1st 2021

Rachael's Story

E. Rachael Hardcastle is an Amazon international no.1 bestselling author from Bradford, West Yorkshire in the UK. She has diplomas in Successful Self-Publishing and Journal Therapy, alongside a university Business Studies qualification and many other writing-related achievements.


Rachael is also a trained copy-editor and publishing coach, and now runs Curious Cat Books, an indie publishing house designed to help overwhelmed debut authors. She is also now the manager of the upcoming anonymous wellbeing blogger, 'Girlboss.Guru' (1st Sept 2021).

"As a speculative fiction author, I believe in entertaining my readers by offering a temporary escape from reality. Whilst I aspire to write fun, addictive adventures with characters my readers can relate to, I need to write meaningful and emotive stories alongside them to explore the depths of what it is be human—in doing so, I can encourage people to also look within.

I feel through writing we face our darkest fears, explore infinite new worlds and realise our true purpose. Creative writing helps me to understand what my purpose is."

Fiction - Out Now In Paperback & Ebook
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Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life

- YA Apocalyptic


Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide (Book 1) - Visionary


Noah Finn & the Art of Conception (Book 2) - Visionary


Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection - YA Fantasy


Bluetooth & the World Wide Web - Children's Humour


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Coming Soon in Audio

Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide (Book 1)

- Visionary (read by George Scaife)

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Noah Finn & the Art of Conception (Book 2)

- Visionary (read by George Scaife)

Endorsements & Reviews

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"In this novella Rachael is grappling with such philosophical issues of purpose, relationships, afterlife, faith, religion. In fact, the meaning of life and death..." 

Emma Truelove, Radio Royal UK

Book Signings & Events

16/10/2021 at 1800-2100 hours - Company Launch with Waterstones Bradford (invite only)

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Untitled Fantasy Standalone

Bluetooth & the World Wide Web 2

The Resurrection of Pandora (rewrite)